How to Get Acquainted. Particularities of the Russian Names and Patronymic System

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The Russian naming and patronymic system is very different from the English naming system. For domestic use and with friends it is similar to the English system with the difference of transforming the name from the formal name type to the diminutive or informal one. Officially in Russia, the use of the patronymic is mandatory because it also indicates respect for a person. In the event that the patronymic is not used for official circumstances, it is excused by the Russian people in general who consider this error as a lack of information in regard to the ignorant foreigner, but this way of addressing people will never be justified for ordinary Russian citizens and can be considered a personal offense. Failure to use the patronymic is considered a personal offense of disrespect or familiarity in behavior by many not highly educated Russians who do not know the European naming system. Watch out

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