Acrylic Landscape with a Painting Knife

Learn to paint a simple landscape and how to mix acrylics with a painting knife and just 3 primary colors and white.

Acrylic Landscape with a Painting Knife

Learn to paint a simple landscape and how to mix acrylics with a painting knife and just 3 primary colors and white.
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About the Class

This Acrylic Landscape course will introduce you to simple landscape painting using acrylic paints and a painting knife.  If you have no previous knowledge or experience of painting with acrylics, you will quickly and easily learn the basics of how to use 3 Primary colors and white to paint an impressionist style landscape. If you do have some previous experience, you may not have painted a landscape with a painting knife before so you will benefit by taking this landscape painting course and return to some fundamental principles of mixing and working with a limited range of colors.

It is easy to follow the course, and you will start painting immediately using a small piece of rag to tint your canvas and outline the composition. You will then block in the big shapes of color and tone. You will learn to use a Painting Knife to mix and apply the paint to help you keep a broad, loose approach without getting bogged down into doing detail.

You will complete your landscape painting through a 4 stage process. I will demonstrate the various steps in each stage so that you can watch and paint along with me as you progress through the course. You will also see plenty of close-ups of the color mixing technique with the painting knife.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Paint a simple Landscape Impressionist style with a broad approach and three primary colors
  • Apply paint to your canvas using a painting knife technique
  • Compose and outline your landscape breaking it up into big shapes. No pencil, no brushes!
  • Mixing colors from the darkest through to the lightest and place highlights that add a spark to your finished painting
  • Create the illusion of depth from foreground through to far distance

Who is the Acrylic Landscape instructor?

My name is Gerald Ashcroft, and I have created this course for beginners who want to explore landscape painting with a painting knife and also learn the fundamental principles of mixing and working with basic colors. If you have some previous experience, you will also benefit from this acrylic landscapes course by learning what can be achieved from using just three primary colors and white.



Gerald Ashcroft

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Class Requirements

  • Painting materials required are outlined in the materials video.

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Impressionist Style Landscape, Landscape Painting, Painting Knife, Illusion Creation, Acrylic Painting, Painting
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 38 minutes
19 Videos
2 Documents
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