How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind

Learn how to set a high level and achievable goals, have a plan to achieve them, be in action and be enjoying far greater happiness. Transform your career, transform your business and transform your life.

How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind

Learn how to set a high level and achievable goals, have a plan to achieve them, be in action and be enjoying far greater happiness. Transform your career, transform your business and transform your life.
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About the Class

Transform your career - Transform your business - Transform your life

After 25+ years of coaching experience, there’s one thing I know for absolute certainty:

‘No matter how successful you’ve been so far, you haven’t even scratched the surface of what you are really capable of.’

And if you are just started out on your journey to success and are struggling, this is the solution to all your challenges.

The 'Unleash The Power Of Your Mind’ coaching program will enable you to achieve the success you desire, whatever success means to you, and equally as important, allow you to enjoy greater happiness in your life; otherwise, what would be the point?

Many thousands of people have been through this program and learned these powerful strategies for success. Here’s what you too will achieve:

You will have defined and set high-level and achievable goals for your business, career, and personal life

You will know precisely how to achieve those goals, have established a plan to do so, and put it into action.

You will be enjoying much greater happiness

How the ‘To Unleash The Power Of Your Mind’ program works

This is a three-month program and each week, for twelve weeks you will receive one lesson.  Each lesson contains an audio tutorial so you can listen to it wherever you are on any device, plus the transcript of the audio and the exercises you should carry out during that week to ensure your success.

Listen to each lesson several times, ideally at least once a day for the seven days, and carry out the exercises as described. This will ensure that everything in the lessons is understood, absorbed, and becomes natural to you.

Also, for the avoidance of doubt, there’s no ‘fluffy bunny’ stuff or ‘psycho-babble in this program.

What I teach is based on my 25+ years coaching others and based on absolute scientifically proven facts.

The lessons incorporate the work of some of the world’s greatest philosophers and therapists, the most up-to-date scientific research into how the human brain works and how it can be reprogrammed for success, and the work of many other famous personal development and personal growth gurus.

Here is an overview of the content and aims of the ‘How To Unleash The Power Of Your Mind’ tutorials

Session 1 – Week 1

  • How to use this entire program to achieve extraordinary success, fulfillment, and happiness.
  • Tom’s story illustrating just how easy it can be to achieve what seems like impossible goals.

Home Exercises:

  • Setting Short, medium, and ultimate goals – but definitely not your final ones.

Session 2 – Week 2

  • How the human brain works; how and why it’s so often programmed to focus on failure and to understand how simple it can be to reprogram it for success - whatever success means to you.
  • Overview of the latest scientific research on the ‘heart brain connection’ and how you can use it to achieve your goals.

Home Exercises:

  • Identifying your negative habits that will be preventing your success, fulfillment, and happiness
  • The ‘heart brain’ exercise.

Session 3 – Week 3

  • Identifying numerous specific challenges, conflicts, and self-limiting beliefs that go on in your mind that prevent success, fulfillment, and happiness, and how to overcome them so you simply cannot fail.
  • Why it’s never too soon or never too late to become the success you want to be.

Home Exercises:

  • Identifying your self-limiting beliefs
  • Questioning your self-limiting beliefs
  • Overcoming your self-limiting beliefs
  • Re-living past successes; a powerful and effective exercise to re-program your mind for great success.

Session 4 – Week 4

  • Why happiness is the precursor to success, not the other way around – the proof.
  • First steps and two simple and effective exercises to increase your happiness.

Home Exercises:

  • Keeping a gratitude Journal
  • Identifying your many reasons to be happy right now.

Session 5 – Week 5

  • Why happiness is the precursor to success Part 2.
  • Six more exercises to increase your happiness levels.

Home Exercises:

  • Putting those six exercises into practice.

Session 6 – Week 6

  • Seven strategies to overcome all negative influences in your mind, replace them with positive influences and set yourself up to achieve all your goals and for ultimate success.
  • Home Exercises:
    • Implement the seven strategies to remove all negative influences and replace them with positive influences.

Session 7– Week 7

  • Revisiting and revising your short, medium, and ultimate goals.
  • How to set goals – the six-step success strategy.
  • Prioritizing your goals.

Home Exercises:

  • Implementing the six-step goal setting strategy
  • Creating your ‘big picture’ goals’ – the essential step for total goal clarity.

Session 8 – Week 8

  • How to ensure you do not self-sabotage your goals before you even get started on achieving them – a common mistake you must and will avoid.

Home Exercises:

  • The three-step evaluating process ensures you will not self-sabotage your goals.

Session 9 – Week 9

  • How to use the power of your mind to ensure you achieve your goals – Part 1.
  • Two powerful exercises for goal achievement.

Home Exercises:

  • Putting the two exercises into practice.

Session 10 – Week 10

  • How to use the power of your mind to ensure you achieve your goals -Part 2.
  • Why visualization is so effective in goal achievement and how to do it.
  • Your daily ‘magic hour’; how to implement this to guarantee your success.

Home Exercises:

  • Putting visualization and the ‘magic hour’ exercises into practice.

Session 11-– Week 11

  • How to achieve your goals.
  • Creating an action plan to achieve your goals; the essential steps to ensure you achieve them.

Home Exercises:

  •  Creating your action plan to achieve extraordinary success, fulfillment, and happiness.

Session 12 – Week 12

  • About the journey, your potential, and the outcomes.
  • How to unlock and adopt the final ‘I Can Do’ strategy for your success.

By the end of this program you will have set high level and achievable golds, have a plan to achieve them, be in action, and be enjoying far greater happiness.

So come on in and transform your career, transform your business and transform your life.



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One-time Fee
CHF 170.31
NOK kr1,960.35
DKK kr1,282.66
ISK kr25,701.28
SEK kr1,970.27

What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Goal Setting, Success and Happiness, Goal Achievement
Age groups: All ages
Certificate: On completion
Duration: 2 hours 16 minutes
12 Audio Files
12 Documents
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