Lesson 2: Hydration

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In this lesson you will learn:

  • Why proper hydration is important and what is it good for beyond the obvious?
  • How can water improve your health and release toxicity?
  • What are some simple practices that can help you hydrate right now?

The focus of this lesson

The focus of this lesson is to bring more awareness to the importance of water and hydrating the body. To learn how to improve your hydration and boost your health and your life with simple tools and practices.

  • Benefits of a properly hydrated body.
  • Signs and effects of dehydration.
  • The quality of water we drink, and the effects of fluoride.
  • The bottled water problem, water purification.
  • Healing with water, programming water.

Guiding questions for self-reflection

  • How much water do you drink per day?
  • Do you know if your tap water has fluoride and/or chlorine in it?
  • Do you drink bottled water? How much per day? Which brand do you choose and why?
  • Do you know if your toothpaste contains fluoride?
  • Do you have a water filter or are you interested in getting one? Wh?


  • You are the healer. I can show you the way but you have to make the necessary steps to create change. It’s not enough to know what to do you have to act upon that knowledge and do it. Only you can make it happen.
  • I promise if you do something different you will have a different experience. It takes 30 days to create a new habit.

Don't wait any longer, take the first step.

See you next week.

We'll cover the following topics in this section:

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