Covering gaps & inconsistencies

8 minutes
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Hi everyone, Rebecca here. So now we're going to go over covering gaps and consistencies. If you have any unexplained gap in your resume in your CV, this is going to harm your chances to go through the selection process. So I want to show you how you can cover these gaps. So bear with me, I will share my screen now so that you can see a few examples. So we already went through the executive summary, the header, the achievements, so how to make your achievements look big.

And also we looked at how to get past filters and screenings, and now you know how to work with keywords and buzzwords and buzz expressions, as I call them. So now let's look at gaps, how you cover your gaps, how you explain your gaps, how you mask them in a way that will get you the credibility that you need. If it's not visible, then it didn't happen. Right. So this is thing, this is the one thing that I think you should you should keep in mind when when you're drafting your CV. So recruiters, they're trained to flare gaps and they know how to spot inconsistencies in your resume in your CV.

So I want you to have a look at some examples of how people cover gaps in order to to make it appear as if you know, they actually do have a very linear and elegant career evolution. So for example, this is a woman who was following her husband on a foreign assignment. So they are what we call experts. And so you know, they change jobs every two to four years and they have to move countries and hurricanes. So she had to interrupt her career in order to fall to follow the career of her spouse. So she explained to you that she was on the, on this expatriation, from 2015 to 2017.

And she gives the different places where she lives while she was an expert. And she says here that she created the ability to adapt rapidly to new contexts while living abroad as as an expert on temporary assignment and also that she developed human resource expertise and attended various summits and, you know, workshops, conferences in order to connect with local HR leaders. I think this is a really good way to sort of explain gaps that you may have, maybe you were an expat, you know, or maybe it would be color relocating or a trailing spouse. So this is how You want to make it look like or you could say that you were doing some freelance translating, or maybe translation, or maybe you did some copywriting or maybe you did. I don't know. And it's and revision of documents for various, you know, private clients.

And you don't have to reveal the names of your clients, you can just say that you are translate translator freelance, from you know, 2013 to 2015, your home office based, and you perform various translations in the field of business management and human resource for clients in Portuguese, Spanish and English. So this is something that would work really well to explain a period of unemployment. Another example here is a blog. Maybe you started a blog. And so you can put the name of the blog and you can put the time that you started. Maybe If you if you are until the blog is still running, then you just put to date or present.

I like to use to date, right to space and then date, because that's kind of an elegant way to say that it's happening still. It's, it's until now, open and running. So you could say that you created content and leveraged engagement with targeted audience. You could say that you developed expertise in social media management while you were doing your blog. That's a really good keyword that you want to put in their social media management, a key expression and online marketing trends or online marketing funnels or sales funnels. Maybe you sold online, maybe you created an e commerce platform.

I don't know how far you went in your in your hobbies, but this is something that you definitely want to mention. Managed visual content. So you are the one you know tweaking the pictures Think the caption and, and you were, you know, editing videos maybe. And you built a solid and consistent brand throughout various platforms. So you had to, you know, promote your blog on different social media platforms. And this is really good for you in terms of, you know, showing that you were super active while you were transitioning, right, whenever unemployed, were just transitioning from one job to the next.

So I hope this was helpful. I think there's no more example here. And remember that the appearance of success is not necessarily the, like you only get credit for the things that you make visible, okay. So the appearance of success is not success. I agree with that. But bear in mind that you don't get credit for the things you don't make visible.

So you want to show that you have have been super active. And in the middle of your transitions, maybe you did like a yoga certification. Maybe you took on some photography classes, maybe you started, you know, a, like I said a blog or maybe you became an influencer on Instagram. You know, I want you to talk about your work just as much as you do work. And even if it's unpaid work, this is your business. You don't have to share that kind of information that you weren't paid to perform the work that you were performing.

You don't have to be so very transparent about the fact that you weren't getting a salary to create, you know, side projects, like you know, a blog, or maybe you were running workshops, whatever it is that you were doing. I know that a lot of people out there are very active, even though they're not being paid to do what they're doing, but there's two We're active in organizing events, or you know, being like community leaders, they organize a lot of events for, for experts, for example, I know a few moms at the school where my son goes, and they organize a lot of clubs, you know, there's the hiking club, the tennis club, the bubbles club, and they and they're really serious about how they put everything together, they have, you know, a little web page and I think this is something that you want to highlight.

Even if you're not getting paid to do it, I want you to highlight this in your resume and make it as you know, as if you you were actually working, okay? So this is going to give you it's going to it's going to give you some some visibility, it's going to make your work more credible, and it's going to explain basically the gap that you might be trying to cover okay. So, the next time I see you, we will we will talk about becoming more attractive to recruiters and hiring managers. So for now, this is all I have to share and I will see you on the next meeting.

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