Beautiful English: The Elementary English Course

This class will help beginners to learn the basic principles of English grammar and start speaking English.

Beautiful English: The Elementary English Course

This class will help beginners to learn the basic principles of English grammar and start speaking English.
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About the Class

The Elementary English Course is designed for those beginners who want to understand the basic principles of English grammar and start speaking English. The Beautiful English learning system is built on the Synergetic Language Matrix, which enables teachers to make high quality and high-level lessons. Beautiful English lessons are understandable, easy, learners friendly, beautiful, and very useful. The main focus of our Elementary English Course is to help beginners to understand English grammar, learn to make correct English sentences, and start speaking. You will learn about parts of speech and parts of a sentence, nouns, articles, personal pronouns, and auxiliary verb to be, yes-no question, alternative question, and negative sentences. These topics are essential to start speaking, however very often they are not appropriately taught or even aren't explained at all by other teachers. That is why many English learners have enormous gaps in grammar knowledge. Our Elementary English Course will help English learners to fill in the gaps in grammar knowledge and start speaking English. Other teachers teach English. We teach to understand English grammar, to make correct English sentences and to speak fluently and correctly.


Vladimir Svistelnik

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Teacher Vlad is the only teacher who makes lessons based on the Synergetic Language Matrix (SLM). SLM shows a sentence structure and grammar elements in rainbow colors and in pictures, students understand without translation and can learn English easily and quickly. Beautiful English learning system is a unique, beautiful and very effective...

Class Requirements

  • Anyone who can read and write English can start learning Engish with the Beautiful English Basic English Course.
  • The course is the series of video lessons that can be viewed either on a computer or on a smartphone.

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Grammar, Speaking, English
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 2 hours 8 minutes
19 Videos
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