Week 5 - Diagnose Distractions

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Take a moment to consider what you believe is the most important factor for personal productivity. Is it your time, energy, or attention management? The answer is within this lesson. 

Next, think of the word "flow".

What words or feelings do you associate with the flow? Flow is fluid, easy, natural. There are sensible and intelligent ways to focus on the most important component of your productivity. Doing so will then multiply the moments you spend in productive flow states.

Welcome to Week 5 where we'll discuss the key to supercharging your productivity to crush your goals (and have fun doing it).

Bonus training and checklist:

Achieve inbox zero with Dave Ruel's mini-course training video and the inbox freedom system checklist in the downloads section. 

Products mentioned in this lesson:

Simple, inexpensive recommended paper agenda found here:




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