How to Type in Chinese

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In this video, I want to show you how to type in Chinese on any tablet or computer, and also a few tips on how to do it easier. Now, there are many different ways to type in Chinese, but the most common one is to use pinyon. So our keyboards will look the same as the ones you're already used to. All you need to do now is to type pinyon for the character you want to write instead. So the keyboards will look the same quote, quote, quote you there we go ABC written with the Latin alphabet, but all we need to do is to write the opinion for the character that you want to write as well. For instance, say we want to type number one, in opinion, one is E. So here we go.

Look, it's given me different options here, because there will be more characters that have the same opinion. I'll tell you more about this in later videos later on. Then what you do now is you mark that character, and you just press space space, and then we go over first written Chinese character. Beautiful. So now we know how to type in Chinese, either on a computer or on any tablet you might have next step now is to make it a bit simpler. So you see, it can actually predict what you're trying to say your little machine or your little tablet computer.

So you don't need to write the entire word. And so if you just want to write so if you just write a wiener, for instance, this letter, it'll suggest the most common character that starts with that very letter. Look here, it's actually giving me this same character again, that's giving me one Wow, look at that. I didn't even have to type no letter letter that letter for i. So why why was just enough, not why anymore. So that's a good trick.

And when you type now, more, more characters, and more than one character, there's another easy trick as well. You can actually just type everything that everything that you want, and then finish by pressing space, so you don't need to write one character then press space one right one more character and then press base, you can just write everything and then press base. That saves a lot of time. Time is up. And your little machine can also predict easier which characters you want if you can write them in a bigger context, in a longer context, I should maybe say a lot. So don't just write one character and then space instead.

Everything bla bla, bla, bla, and then space. You can see me doing it here actually 1230 son, and that's how you type in Chinese. You've learnt how to type No, but you've also learned how to type in in a quicker way with a few tips and tricks. Wonderful.

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