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Okay, so we'll continue building now let's draw an opening around the key just like this. Now this character is really, really useful. It means country and will be used for almost all the countries in the world. It's pronounced Cool, cool, cool. It's a very, very useful word, I have to tell you, I feel like that's my obligation to you. We're learning a lot of important words, but this one is I should call them characters.

But this is one of the most common characters that we'll be using from now on. So to say, most countries now we'll just put this go there's just put this one character. We'll put this second and then First we'll put something something else something that defines this country then, and when I asked you to break down this character, now, you can look at it now. And you can you can break it down into two parts basically, first part is what we just added a mouth and opening and the second part is the one that we learned in our previous video, which is Jade. So it looks like a king song. of trying to defend his country and it means the country see the little opening there you remember that opening was involved as well early on when we learned population as well.

So will you reuse this character a lot? So we don't need to look at it too much No, it's a complicated one but it's not too complicated because we know all its different parts or all its different building blocks we can say so let's move on now instead and start learning to say different countries and then also have to say where you are from and where I'm from how very exciting isn't it at all haha countries are on are on the go.

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