Wang, our King

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So this character here uses things that we already know that we can recognize first three, and then also a stick. That's very good. That's everything is very identifiable. Now, I'll tell you what this means. Now this character means and it's on you to try to think of a way to remember this by and this means king, king King. So who sort of looks like one maybe, maybe you can think of a man with a lot of influence.

So he stretches his arms like this out widely. And yeah, it looks like a king simply. Also, this is pronounced one, one not pronounced Wang, but spelled the same. One, one. It's actually the most common family name in China. So there are about 100 million ones, sorry, one.

In China in the world. You can also call it You definitely you most definitely met someone called one or maybe, and they've written it like one like this is that with an open set of an eight. That's just because of their own dialect. This person is still called one So, one more one. Okay, so here you can see the character. And we see also on behind it there's a king here in English in Burger King.

So we'll translate this with that one with the character one in Chinese now, so if you're in China, you can go to Burger King to practice at this very character. I'll leave the restaurant to help you review now. Good luck on Burger King humble Wong King wonky, wonky, wonky wonky.

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