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Here's another really useful building block, it looks like an eye. For information. It means sort of that it means knowledge as well, or speech as well. All of these are interconnected, you can imagine, you'll see this, this one a lot, this is or this information or knowledge or speech, building block, we'll call it, you'll see it's a lot. And it's just like stick or drop, where, where it doesn't have its own pronunciation, so we won't pronounce it on its own. It just sticks together with other characters instead.

So it doesn't have any opinion. But it will be used very much as an idea part. This character here now means to book or to reserve something so you can imagine how it requires knowledge to book something, or to at least, or at least speech, so that we can make people aware that we want to book something about their pronunciation. we pronounce this character like thing. So that's easy. That's quite easy, isn't it?

The pronunciation comes from the thing like a nail that we just learned. It's not here in the office anymore. No, I can't show you. But I think you still remember what a nail looks like. So that's the same partner. Let's, let's now we've built it up together.

So now let's break it down as well. And it will probably be just as easy. And then we can see the whole picture of things. This here means to reserve or book and it's pronounced thing. It consists of two things, knowledge, or speech or information we can call it and also nail which is pronounced thing. So yeah, that's all we need to know.

It consists of two different parts, and we've just broken all of that down. Wonderful. Hopefully this makes a lot of sense to you. Everything in Chinese is this logical and I find it so nice. So very nice.

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