Feeling of xiexie-tude

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A lot of fun already in this course, we've learned the internet's way of saying thank you, which is some cue. But now we want to teach. And we want to teach you the proper way to say thank you. So the elder people in China can understand as well, and simply the proper way, like I just said, as well. This character is pronounced shisha, shisha. And that's how we say it's ugly.

We pronounced c twice and then when we get shisha Chinese likes to repeat itself, you'll notice it later on as well. And what's interesting here is that I want you to only focus on the pinion here, the character is a bit complicated, but the pinion is super important because the word is super important. So focus on the pinion in the vocab list you will also see that it has a star next to it. This means that you don't have to study the character will care about the character later on. For now, all you have to do is focus on the sound shisha and it means sungkyu shisha season O Cc Cc cc cc cc cc Oh, oh, oh, she Oh, she's your phone. Oh, wow.

Well, she she, she's here. She's okay, no Cc Cc cleaner kinda You're welcome in different ways. We'll learn that very soon as well. But that's not the focus. Now, what I said in the video about just ignoring the character, by the way, is not just focusing on the pinion is not really completely true. And I'm terribly sorry about it.

I still need you to still recognize the character when when you see it, but we won't go into detail with this character until later in the course. So for now, it's enough to just recognize it will try to build up everything together now in this course, through building blocks, but sometimes we have to skip ahead, like with this character now or this word shisha in the vocab list because it's so complicated and the vocab listener will mark these words that we just skip ahead with and don't really break down into details will mark these words in the vocab list with an Asterix, as you can see on the picture here. Also, I just want to show you this conversation here. And here you can see it's actually the little shisha. So this is actually our student, Vanessa are dominant students, our wonderful little students. And she, she was able to study with us here, and she was able to learn Chinese in two months.

You can read more about her story on our website here. So let's get back to this. Now we can either say sungkyu, or the more official version would be shisha.

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