We should all bang each other

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Before we wrap up this lesson I want to teach you a funny sounding word. That is to help it means Bang. Bang Bang so we need to say not bound but it spells the same Bang Bang. So big bang almost bang and can I bang you so can I bang you you should say if we mix Chinese and English bit of Ching live they're bound to help so when you're asking someone for help, you just say help and then you say not help. As in Do you want would be Do you want this would be want not want. Now helping someone do you want to help would be helped not help?

So we just say bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk. Very, very simple. The character here is a bit difficult, though. So we'll, we'll you don't need to write it down actually, but it's important that you recognize it later on. We'll break it down later on as well. A little bit more for you.

Great. Let's take a look at how you can ask for help though in China. Just like Did but let's look at an example is that because I've recorded the video so you might as well look at it if you ever need any, any help in China that is to say whatever I'm about to say in this next video Ah ah ah, ah mama she's not banging she's helping mama BANG BANG

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