A Beautiful Chinese Girl

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So now you've met the main core of people in this course me and, and mostly me though, because I really like my own voice. So now we've gone through three characters, we've already learned one, and two, and three, they all build on each other. As you can see, this is why we call ourselves dominant as well, because we view everything as building blocks. And you'll see how Chinese built more so than any other language on itself, which is really helpful when we're trying to learn something new. We're about to learn a lot in this course now, but what we need to lay a solid foundation first. So so so far, you've learned one and two, and three.

And now I want to show you how to write these characters up. It's actually just like we do in our own language. Some of you might still think that Chinese writes from right to left but or that should be like this right to left with no No, no, no, no, that's not the case. We actually write from right to left to right, just like we do if we read a book in English or whatever. So the first rule is that we write from left like I just said, to write and then Next rule now that you need to be aware of, is from top to bottom. So just like a book, we read a book from left to right and from top to bottom, try to write these characters No, and try to write them down when you learn them.

It'll help your memory if you do it yourself not. Now, we will take a look at at it when on does it as well when she writes these little characters as well. So again, left to right, top to bottom. Oh, look at that. Oh, Charlie's boys always own. And what are you doing?

You're writing. Wow, very nice. And she's writing and notice what she's doing. She's starting from left to right. She also goes from top to bottom. Okay, number three here, she does the same.

So she starts from left to right top to bottom are the characters are always going to be like that as well. So these are characters that we haven't learned yet. We'll learn them very soon. And they always follow the same rule you go top, left to right, top to bottom. Now we chose to do this with a marker. You can also do this with calligraphy.

Which is actually an art form here in China. Very, very interesting. talk more about that later. Question other is, and we know how to write beautiful. Do we just take these characters and like, throw them in someone's face when we want to talk to someone? What do we do?

No, no, no, no, no, no. So what do we do? Well, that was in the next video and then next to the whole next video. Very interesting.

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