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Okay, Obama, we right, by this point is not actually the president anymore. But he's still Americans, we can write should me go run. This is how we say, Obama, whoever the person is, very soon we'll learn the word for it, and then we can replace it to make it a full on Chinese sentence. Anyways, what we have now is Obama, and then sure me go john. So America and then Gen person, look at that sentence for a bit and make sure you understand it to 100% and then we may move on them and we will proceed now, with with a new character. And later on, that will give us a new verb that we can use together with Obama and may Gordon and lots of other things as well.

Here we go. Hello, there. This thing here. This thing here. What could this be? This means what would you know what it is?

I guess it's a nail and it. We're going to learn this character. Now. It's going to be a very, very useful building block. It almost sounds like what it is. I can't pronounce this word but I think it's an honor matter.

Patea or no matter Bhatia. Like something that sorry for my pronunciation, something that sounds like what it does. This is a nail in Chinese culture looks like this. And we pronounce it like ding ding ding ding just one is an author. So when Chinese people make make names now, they just take what sounds similar in Chinese to the English one, and they just say it. So if we say thing, thing, thing thing to this thing, ding ding ding.

It's the closest thing that Chinese people could get to, if they wanted to say the word Tintin, our all our favorite all of our favorite, favorite comic book character, Tintin, in Chinese we say Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Nail Nate basically. So I think English names sound really funny. And I think you deserve at this point to hear a few of them. And here are my favorite ones that we got Chinese people to pronounce for us. Good luck.

Holly Porto, Harry Potter. Bo, guys feel Yeah, Nico de Dom on call. So the reason why we're going through this nail character now or building block we can call it it is because it's going to be a very, very useful building block. So it's important we go through this now. For now, though, all you need to remember the thing that you need to remember now is that this character, well, this is a character look like this. And it's pronounced thing, thing, thing thing, but one is just an awful thing.

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