Real Life (AFK) Dialogues

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So this next character is very common everywhere. And very easy to understand as well. It looks like this, which all you might go, Oh no, this looks very difficult, but only until we look a little bit closer. And now it's not very difficult anymore. Bear with me, it actually has one as in me and that character in it on the right side and on the left side, it has a mouth. So So Hmm.

So we have work plus, plus plus mouth. Let's start with the sound part. The sound part is comes from what this character is pronounced, or just like without the W so Oh, and this this character Why is it clowns or then well, because it actually just means Oh, oh, like oh, an H Oh. So the character means Oh, and will be used just like in English, like Oh, you are Felix. So that's how you can use it here. My friend and I were talking here.

As you can see here, and she asked where I was, I said, I said, I said I was ingredient as in, I'm in Sweden, what I read in? And she answered, oh, you can see that there as well look it up. So you can see how it's applied now as well, just like in English, so the mouth is the idea part here as well. You can imagine, when you laugh, we use the mouth as an idea part. Now again, when we say, oh, we're using our mouth, as you can quite obviously, see. So that is the idea part is not just like when we eat or like when we shout to laugh, or anything as well.

So Oh, oh, means Oh, same thing, two different languages. Fantastic. All the words that are like expressions will include this little mouth is a little cool. So just bear that in mind. And it'll be easier for you to move on throughout this course as well. Great.

Next up, we'll learn how to negate so that we can negate things so that we can say, so that we can later on build on that and also actually make questions wonderful.

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