Chocolate Anyone?

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Ah, what's this? What is this? This says? What's up curly? curly? Oh, chocolate chocolate.

So this is interesting. We're looking at characters now. And we're in the next video actually, what we need to do is say this one again, please. Yeah, that means chocolate. And that is what this is. So in Chinese, just like we did with thinking like Tintin, and we try to mimic the words in Chinese then new new words, especially that have not, would that were not invented earlier in Chinese, then you try to take characters that sound like chocolate.

Yeah. And so you say not only Yes, it's how clean our chocolate chalk. Wonderful. So there'll be loads of examples later on as well. But now we'll work with chocolate a lot with with the examples that we're making. Now, when we start making sentences in Chinese chocolate.

No, my chocolate, my talk really nice. So later on, we'll go into depth. With these three characters, for now, all you need to remember is is what you can see right in front of your eyes here. This, this, these three characters individually, they are all very useful characters, but we'll break that down later on in this course. And like I said, Now, we're able to start using this totally, totally, totally this chocolate word. In a lot of examples, it's going to be one of our first nouns.

So we're going to be applying it a lot. So let's start with Do you want chocolate? And how would we say that by the way, don't use the you It's nice, but we'll learn that in I think it's in the next lesson actually already, or might be from two from now on. So we have you want some chocolate or you want chocolate simply just saying one chocolate want chocolate with a question mark? How would you say that?

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