A Protective King

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This is a very good character, but not too good actually, we'll use it a lot on its own, but even more together with the next character that we'll learn. So I'll just tell you this one quickly tell you what it means. And so that we can continue building on it. Now, this means Jade, or Jade is also a very precious stone. It appears a lot in China. In Chinese when you talk about the Jade love, or Chinese people love their stones, especially the Jade stones.

And so this means Jade. We can also call it precious just because Chinese people hold it dearly. It looks like a precious drop, sort of, we have the king there you have a little drop, and it's sort of like defending it. Maybe it's a sword as well because he needs to defend it. And so yeah, it looks like that. And that's how we can remember it either a jade or a or precious simply.

We're not going to use this one alone also. We'll use it later on, especially build on it. So let's do that. Now. We can also imagine that Yeah, again, he defends it basically. So now here's some Really important, we won't use this one a lot.

So I'm not going to focus too much on its pronunciation. This character has the pronunciation. It's going to, and what we're not going to use it too much. So it's good. It's, it's, it's okay, I can call it if you don't remember the pronunciation. And it's, it's, it's simply very, very good if you don't, but I'm not going to blame if you don't.

So this is pronounced nevertheless, you don't need to make these sorts of noises when you with the whole face and everything when you say it just Okay, so and it means precious or Jade, and it looks like this very similar looking to King. Okay, and now we recognize the two parts in its King and it's dropped and that's all we need to learn in this video.

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