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Wow, look at that one. Let's build further now. So the idea with focusing on building blocks is that when you see a new character, it's not actually new, even though you've probably never seen it before. And my goal is to give you all the building blocks that Chinese users, and then you'll soon start recognizing everything in Chinese now and nothing will look complicated anymore. You can actually recognize the different parts in this character right here. So what can we see now let's look at that together.

Now. Let me stroke my chin. And meanwhile, you can have a think we can break this down into two parts, we can break it down further, but that's not necessary. Let's just let's just stay satisfied with two. So we have sun and we have drop, can you see that? You can.

Now so that's the first step. Now in seeing a new character. The second step in seeing a new character is when I tell you the meaning try and think of a pneumonic mnemonics as a way to start remembering to remember is a character. So I think of a I think I actually think I mean, what I actually think of a washing machine when I see this character, I think it looks like a washing machine with its lid open. And you also need to know what this character means it means white. I think then on the washing machine with its lid, a little bit open like this.

And when you have white wash inside, there you go, you have the word that you have white. There we go. If you find it helpful, think of this mnemonic. Otherwise, think of your own whenever you struggle with remembering a character. And here is my old video trying to teach you my own mnemonics. The one that I just told you about picking up white stuff from washing machine and just chilling on the toilet.

Um, okay, so the case that we just learnt was by and what does it mean that we try to focus anymore on a sound. Now let's just focus on good notes. flushing any more. Now let's just focus on this washing machine, the washing machine looks actually like a little box. And if we can just add little line in the in the middle there, we have a day. And then the canister that we just looked at one little thing on top of it.

And that could maybe be the lid being half open like this. Again, this is just me and my wild imagination. You can think of whichever way you want just to remember this character. And the character looks just like this. It's a box with a line here. And that goes up with a Lydia.

And what do we have in the washing machine? Oh, look at this and dominate Chinese. I don't Yes, I think you get it and dominate Chinese. Enough about that more about its color. Its color is white. And we have a washing machine.

And what we pick up from it is a white wash. And that reminds me of the color white farfetched, but it works for me. And every time you see this character pronounced by you think of a washing machine and you get to white wash from the washing machine. The character by means

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