MMMMMMerica, feck ya!

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Yes Here we have something being shipped to make war two beautiful country the beautiful country now the Chinese wanted to sound like America or at least the beginning not the art but the may may may so may may came from a may America and then they skip the A they skip the end as well. Maybe even care Merica can sound like could go well that's a long shot. It's a long shot. Okay, so we have me go and that rhymes sort of with America. We can think of it like just a beautiful country. Wonderful.

Remember may now as well beautiful. It means and remember this on its own now because because it'll also be used on its own to just just represent just say something as beautiful or pretty. So if you see something pretty or beautiful you just shout, Mary, Mary and that we go next country now we're going to learn is Inga Inga Inga. Remember the conditions. Now we Try to we try to or we can think of it like a hint as we try to imitate the sounds in English. So what do you think in English?

What does that sound like? Which country do you think it sounds like? What could it be? Definitely not America though, and probably not my country either.

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