Our New Friend: Pinyin

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So Chinese consists of characters and each character has its own pronunciation as well. So this is when we learn about Pinyin, it's the pronunciation for each character in our own Latin alphabet. Now, let's learn Let's start with the three characters that we already know and give them their respective opinion. Let's start with a number one is pronounced. Meet up together with me, please. So here's the pinion for that.

He is quite easy, isn't it? Great. Number two now is Oh, oh, oh, oh, there are different tones as well. But we'll talk about those later on in this course. Note now that each character has a very short pronunciation. The opinion for each character actually never exceeds one syllable.

Like my name has two syllables. You can say the licks, the licks, that's two syllables, two claps or number one Now, remember one character one syllable. So number one is a good example of that. He He just wants to Very, very short, very easy to remember. Very thankful for that Chinese. Thank you very much I bow for you.

Let's move on to number two now. Oh, oh, oh, so we can hear just one clap easy to remember. Now the last character so far is number three, and we say son, son, and a few videos for now I'll help you with a way to remember that one because it'll back actually be quite easy it will be helpful for you to know this one and it will be easier to remember later on. So far. We have one two and three Let's count them together now. Oh son, so in written form, they will look like this.

But in spoken form, let me say this again. Now in spoken form. They will sound like this. Let me do this slowly and then quicker. II Oh, son, he our son. You'll hear this a lot because this is obviously 123 very common in Chinese.

Our son, our son, we together with me, please read together with me. Wonderful. You might feel that this is just a random random pronunciation but don't worry. There are actually patterns be Find it. And in many cases, you can actually even predict the pronunciation for these characters. We'll do that later on.

We'll talk more about that in other videos though. For now, he Our son is plenty plenty enough. He our son, our son, our son, oh, son. Now every time we learn a new character here, I'll show you the character and also write the opinion on beneath as you can see, all over here. Look about your son.

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