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John wayne. Wonderful. So assuming Someone is asking, you know, are you are you not? We don't say you, that will be me. We'll learn that in the next lesson. Instead, we'll just get go.

Sure, we'll Sure. And then we can ask john Gordon, we can ask me, Gordon, we can ask in Warren. And for now, we haven't learned any other nationalities. But we'll leave it at this now. And that is a question then. And then if you know your own country, you can add that you can add that in, in right in this little space here.

Okay. And the question on the answer that would just be sure, the short one, or you could say, Well, sure. Or you could say, war should drum corps. And that is what john just said, They're wonderful. And now we can also say, and so say, instead of saying war stronger, and we can go through the other nationalities a lot so you can hear them because this is something that if you're from America, You will definitely have to say this washer may go run washer may Cora washer may go run. And next one is England English people or British washer in Goren washer in Korean wonderful well here aren't say all of this is all for you.

Why should tomboy buscher in Boy Boy, wash a tomboy

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