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And that's it for lesson one, very happy that you came here and study this with us. As soon on to lesson two. First off, what have we done then? Well, we've learned a little bit of grammar, we've started building a few sentences and a few braces. And with only by only learning this much Chinese. Because our foundation is so important, especially in Chinese, we'll be able to start building sentences very, very quickly now, as well.

And at the end of four lessons, what we'll do every time here is we'll do a storytime where we'll pick together all the words, we'll use them and we'll write and read a story together, beautiful, and at the end of every level that and every level has about 16 or 20 lessons and at the end of every level, we'll do a big master test and you'll get certificate after that. And then we have a lot of levels. Our levels will take you if you go with us all the way to academic Chinese. So everything that you do now in English, you can also do it in Chinese in a bit. And that is it for us now. In in for lesson one, and we just want to say thank you very Very much.

Thank you CCR CCR. And we'll see you in lesson 2242. Well done, well done. You've made it all this way. Now all you need to do is answer one very not so difficult question I'd say. And then in order to make things stick, we'll take you straight to a lesson quiz that accumulates all the questions that you've been asked, and make sure that make sure that everything sticks with you still.

And so after that, we can keep learning wonderful. Let's keep moving forward like this. I'll go this way so I don't walk into you. Bye bye. See you in a bit.

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