Pieces of Lego

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Hello there. And welcome back to lesson two. Yeah, just do sorry. Very, very exciting. We'll learn about a lot of things and we'll learn more characters, and also put them together to make longer words how very exciting, isn't it, I'll also give you tips and tricks on how you can remember characters much more easily. So we've already talked about something called the building blocks, I think it comes quite directly what it means to us.

And there's plenty of these building blocks, I've actually saved an entire document with them that I would like I would recommend you to go and download along with a lot of other useful material as well on our website here. You can all you can find all of it on there extra material, again on our website. So let's take a look at this document together. Now. First time we'll look together, all the other times you'll be alone so you need some some guidance here maybe. So here we see the building block.

And here we see its pronunciation. If there is one, if there is one, mind you, this is the thing with that you need to be aware of now we're about to learn. A character or a building block, we can call it without to pronunciation. And the idea with building blocks now is that they are so small and simple, that sometimes they they are too small and too simple to be used alone. So this building block here is an example of that. We'll see it involved in a lot of other characters, but never ever alone, or it doesn't like to be alone You see, it's too weak, it's too little and simple to stand alone.

And because it's never used alone, we won't give it any pronunciation. So all you need to remember is that this character or this building block, we can call it means a drop. Okay, so no pronunciation, the translation, and also characters that you'll find that you'll find with these building blocks are also written here. I find that very useful, especially the last column there of characters that you'll find together with this one so you can so you can start picking characters later on apart and, and sort of breaking them down and going, Oh, I recognize that and that and that wonderful. And so this character or this building block, mind you Let's call it building block characters, you need to be able to use them alone and building blocks. We can call anything a building block that we can build on basically.

So this building block means drop, and it doesn't have its own pronunciation. And that's all you need to take with you from this video. I'll see you in the next one. Bye bye

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