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This character means hunt. It looks like the fingers on this picture, I think, going through like that. So it's pronounced show show show, just like show like a performance in English show. But with the third tone, often often these performances or shows are performed with your hands, or at least when you applaud when you applaud me when I've said something great, you use your hands just like this. So this character will be used very much From now on, especially when we need manual help in doing something, then you'll probably see this you'll probably find this show character. Yes, you will.

This is funny on both funny and easy or show, or show 200 200 literally then is this is the next word. Now. You can see it here. And also here. It doesn't mean two hands though. Instead, it means second hand or so this sign here says secondhand letting like letting apartments, like leasing out or renting out.

And this is another one just refers to secondhand things that you can buy yourself businesses basically, we'll talk about how to say to, as in two hands, two things two hands later on. And and then you'll understand why this doesn't mean two hands while this just means second hand as well. Wonderful. So, this character or sorry, this word both both this the same word twice, means second hand partial

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