A Stick

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Now we are going to learn the word stick. Yes, the words stick. It's just like a like a drop. If you remember, it's a very useful building block, but not used alone. So it doesn't have any opinion. You remember the building block drop, it didn't have any opinion.

It didn't have any pronunciation. So it's just a simple building block and a very simple one as well. It doesn't stand alone. It's just a building block. And it looks like this. So let's keep building on it straightaway.

This is the next character. Think about what it contains. Now. While I slowly fade away again, I've started appreciating my own fates. There we go. Okay, so again, a stick here, a stick here.

And what we do then is we have a stick and we have a mouth. We can do that. Ha, we have a stick. Chinese people everywhere. Look it up either. So it's a stick and then a call.

So so so what do we have though? Well, we have we have, we have The character looking like that it's true. And it means that we simply we can look at the character and they also we can also tell that it means in the middle because we were putting it into the middle. So so just means middle tone means middle opinion

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