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Don't know how much longer Elijah Elijah said, this is how we'll learn Domino Chinese here, we'll build up characters with small little pieces of dominoes, small little pieces of Lego here we can call them. And then so we come from characters to later on sentences. And so we'll build from simple to complex. You'll also notice very soon now this course, is not like any other conventional language course, where we will where we will build sentences, and we won't really build them, we'll just we'll just be told a sentence and we'll just say it, like my name is Felix or something like that, we won't really understand it, we'll just know a sentence. And that's very different from what we do here. As soon as we learn a sentence here, we'll be able to understand the fundamentals of it.

We'll be able to understand every piece of Domino in this in the sentence, so we'll also be able to alter it we'll also be able to change anything within the sentence. And only then will you ever be really really good at Chinese. So bear with me through these basic classes, and very soon you'll be able to speak fantastic Chinese And I can prove that just keep on learning. So I'll see you in a bit and bye bye

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