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So we've learned to both sound and idea pot. This character that we looked at meant 100. The sound part is the bottom part. There we go. The bottom part, let me go outside to explain to you the idea part as well. This one will be a bit Vegas, so you just need to use a bit of imagination, but I think it still makes sense.

Okay. Okay. So what we found was we had a sound part, we had a sound part, and this character was pronounced by and well the only thing it that wasn't in common was that tone. tone was a third Tonia, it's usually a second tone, we can't really tell the tones. The other thing is, is the is the idea part that gives us this character, we see a one on top of it, it has to do with one The idea is one and it actually means 100. So we can see that one gives the idea and the end the meaning of the characters 100 Look at that.

Fantastic. This character now is the part of Harkin shop now. So 100 just means a lot, a lot of products in here. As you'll See this combination here means 100. And we'll see it in parking shop and a lot of other places obviously as up. And one question now is up, is it enough to say bye bye to say 100?

We need to say something else. What do you think? Hmm? That's another tricky question for you, isn't it? How do we say just I want 100 of this

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