Keto Mastery for Lasting Success

Learn the Keto way of eating to enjoy lasting success in reaching and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Keto Mastery for Lasting Success

Learn the Keto way of eating to enjoy lasting success in reaching and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
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About the Class

Keto Mastery Video Series 

Learn everything you need to know about the Keto Lifestyle to be successful. 

In this course you will master:

  • The basic building blocks of keto metabolism
  • A deeper understanding of the ketogenic way of eating
  • How your metabolism will begin fat burning as you lower your carb intake sufficiently to reach ketosis

Module 1: Keto and Low Carb Basics

Learn the basics of the keto~low carb way of eating and how to apply this knowledge successfully. Understanding how foods are processed by the body will empower you to choose the right foods for optimal health.  You will also discover how to avoid unhealthy foods that rob you of energy and good health.  Learn simple strategies for eating the right ratios of protein, fat, and carbohydrates for steady blood sugar levels that eliminate overwhelming cravings.

Module 2: Choosing Carbohydrates Wisely

Learn 16 essential tips that will improve your health and energize your body and mind. You will also earn how to develop a healthy relationship with carbohydrates and how to design a fat-burning way of eating, to easily shed belly fat. Careful selection of the right carbohydrates is the key to having stable energy levels while living free of untimely hunger and constant food cravings.

Module 3: Protein and Other Healthy Fuel

Learn how to calculate just the right amount of protein for peak performance, to prevent muscle loss, and to avoid lowering your metabolic rate. You will not only learn how to eat enough protein but also how to avoid over-eating protein, which results in blood sugar imbalance and feeling sluggish.  You will also learn about tasty fiber choices, drinking the right amount and types of fluids, and satisfying energizing snacks.

Module 4: Nutrition Label Reading 101 

Discover the many hidden dangers in food (chemicals, flavor enhancers, added sugars by many names, and preservatives).  Learn how to systematically read nutritional labels and not only calculate protein, fat, and carbohydrate amounts per serving,  but more importantly begin thinking like a “detective”, intuitively avoiding foods that can trigger behaviors that negatively impact your health and energy. You will also learn how to put together what you have learned so far to begin transforming your life. This is an essential module. 

Module 5: Coping with Change While Planning Meals That Tickle Your Taste Buds

Detoxing from an unhealthy diet and transitioning into a healthy way of eating, has a few effects that you can minimize by planning ahead.  Learn how to avoid these effects with simple strategies.  You will also master the art of planning tasty meals with healthy ingredients.  Resources for making fabulous recipes that will tantalize your taste buds while trimming your waistline are revealed.

Module 6: The Perfect Panty Overhaul to Make Meal Planning Easy

Learn exactly what to keep and what to get rid of in your home, what you should add to your pantry, and the substitutions to use instead of the unhealthy foods lurking in your kitchen currently. Keep all the flavors you love while making meals with healthier ingredients instead.

Module 7: Accessing Recipes and Recipe Sites for Accurate Keto~Low Carb "Worthiness"

Master how to analyze any recipe to determine healthy and unhealthy ingredients, how to determine if any food without a label is healthy or not based on the ingredients listed, and where to go for amazing, healthy recipes that provide nutrition facts per serving along with the recipe. Thinking like a “detective”,  you will be unstoppable as a keto pro.

Module 8: Troubleshooting Stalls and BurnOut

Learn a detailed, systematic approach to determine exactly what happened to steer you off course and how to get back on track. This module is essential since Everyone hits an inevitable “pot-hole” once in a while, that can really stall your progress.   Develop simple strategies to turn that around, with a systematic self-assessment.   These strategies also provide simple solutions for both stalls and burn-out.

Module 9: The Art of Substitution

You are biologically wired to desire the flavors that are detected by the taste buds on your tongue.  You also desire crunchy and dense foods that require the use of your many molars. Everyone loves crunchy treats (salty and sweet) as evidenced by the middle aisles of any grocery store in the world. In this module, you will learn how to tantalize your taste buds with substitutions that include all of the flavors that you crave:  Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, and Savory (the newly discovered taste).  You will also learn about incorporating crunchy alternatives to chips, pretzels, and other unhealthy, deep-fried snacks. Get this concept down and you will no longer have overwhelming cravings for unhealthy, high-carb foods. 

Module 10: How to Say No In Social Settings and Making Keto~Low Carb Choices When Dining Out

This module provides specific details on how you can maneuver any social setting with grace and skill while sticking to a healthier way of eating for life.  Learn strategies to empower yourself so that you can more easily avoid unhealthy food when in social situations,  without your family or friends feeling offended by you not eating their high-carb foods. You will learn strategies and gain confidence in choosing healthier food options when dining out anywhere.

Module 11: The Sane Practice of Exercise

Discover how to build muscle through resistance training and improve both cardiovascular and hormonal health with aerobic exercise (cardio). You will also learn how excessive exercise or exercise without healthy nutrition to support it,  will stall your efforts for optimal health. This is an important module for people who have the misconception, that if they just exercised enough, they would become thin and be healthy. 

Module 12: Prevent the Return of Belly Fat with Maintenance Strategies that Work for Life

The most vulnerable point of your efforts to maintain a healthy weight is the moment you reach your target weight. Most people return to eating unhealthy foods after reaching their goal weight and regain all of the weight they lost (and more). Learn important strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid weight gain for life.  The specific strategies in this two-part module will transition you smoothly into maintenance for life with a systematic approach, as you learn exactly what foods you can and cannot eat,  without sabotaging your energy and health.

Keto Resources Update 2022

While keto options are increasing daily with regional differences in available options, updated keto resources in 2022 are included. If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, to optimize your weight, have fewer cravings, get rid of daily brain fog from your current diet,  and improve your metabolic health, this is the course for you. ©Elizabeth Lykins, 2014-2022



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Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Metabolic Health, Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Living, Weight Loss
Age groups: 18+ years
Duration: 6 hours 52 minutes
23 Videos
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