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Now that we've looked at communicating your change and your goals, section six is about finding people to cooperate with. So in many cases, we cannot make change happen by ourselves. We have to find people who will cooperate with us, to help us reach our goals and, and be successful in our change process. The idea of change will generate fear within each and every one of us. The thought of giving up something and taking risks to get out of our comfort zone is the same as giving up some of our present controls over the situation. Now, that's very, very, very key.

You have to be you have to understand that in order to reach your goals and achieve change, you're going to have to break out of your current comfort zone and every time we do that, We see risk associated with getting out of our comfort zone. Because we're giving up our control over our current situation and going into something that's unknown. And that can be very fear generating for, for most of us, so you have to remember that any change that you make, if you're making it for a positive reason will be beneficial. And there's really no risk associated with that aside from having to make the change. And that risk is only getting out of your comfort zone. So when people join together for a common goal, combining their individuals needs in a common undertaking, the result can be multiplied by 100 times that 100%.

Right. Use this fact to make the change that you want to in your life. When we're talking about cooperation, we're talking about finding a support group for your change. There are many people who are likely looking to make change and in and meeting goals in their life. And you can get encouragement from these people, if you can locate them and work together, or at least support each other, to be successful in your transformation. Group cooperation for change.

When people cooperate with each other in a group to achieve something, something great can be achieved. And what I mean by that is, it's similar to finding the support group, but if you're cooperating with people to implement a change, then you don't have to do it all by yourself and you can build upon that fact So, if you've got a common goal or a common enemy than the, the group will be that much more cohesive. All efforts of the group are directed outwards towards the action in which you need to complete in order to be successful. And if you're doing that in a coordinated manner, it's like you're one large person going out and solving that problem together. Within cooperation, you will need to resolve conflicts. When you're talking about cooperation, you will have conflicts within the group.

You need to be able to have conflict resolution and a way of keeping the group together and focused on that common goal. You need to listen to any criticism that people put towards you and think of that criticism as positive feedback. Try to assess your performance in light of any criticism without taking it personal. So you need to if somebody's criticizing an activity, look at it from the group cooperating activities and say, Okay, well maybe I'm a little short here, or maybe I need to improve here. But don't take a personal. Take all criticism positively.

Everybody within your group wants to achieve a similar goal. And when you think of it that way, you'll know that any criticism is done for the group effort, and is not meant to bring anybody down especially yourself. So and when you're cooperating with others, you will find some people who are are wiser than you are or have gone through other changes and more experiences. Use them, use them to get advice and find out what you need to do in order to be successful in making that change. So under cooperation, the action steps you will find that other people, too work with on a similar goal can be very helpful. There are risks when working with other people on change.

There's conflict and criticism. But when you focus on the positive and a common goal, you will find solutions that you cannot find by yourself. So cooperating with others will help you reach your goals individually and as a group. So action step number one is think about who else may be trying to make a similar change in their life. Write down their names, then do some research. Is there a group that supports this type of change that you're trying to make?

If so, write down this group could be a group on Facebook, it could be a meetup group, there's all types of groups, especially now online, that you can associate with to help obtain the change in the goal that you want to So think about that and do some research. Then you want to immediately after you've done the research, reach out, contact these people that you've that you've researched See how you can work together with them to be mutually supportive of each other. If it's a group, attend the meeting or get support from the group. And write down all the things that you want to do with this group, write down the groups that have been responsive and that you think you're going to work with pick one or two, work through them, and see if you can actually achieve your goal in a more efficient manner by cooperating with others.

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