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So in the last section we talked about competence. And in this section, section three, we're going to talk about competence. Now, when you talk about competence, you have to understand that knowing you need to change is one thing, okay? But knowing how to change is much more important. It You know, a lot of people know that they have to change in life, but they don't have the, the competencies required to make that change. You need to have the tools and the abilities to reach your goals when you set out to make change in your life.

One of the things that you know you can use when you're looking to make a change is use systems and processes that are already developed by other people. Most change that you want to make in your life has been tried and accomplished by somebody else. And in this day and age, many of these people have regressed Their journey to making change. And you can learn from that you may not have the exact same as somebody else did. But you can use their systems and their processes to make productive changes in your life. So, when we talk about competence, we're talking about using these systems and processes, visualizations, affirmations and mental conditioning that you can use to make the change that you want to make.

Because change is all internal. Whether or not it's being forced upon us from the outside, or deciding to do it on our own. It's an all an internal process within our mind. We have to start with our mind and we have to make sure our subconscious and our conscious align so that we can make those changes occur. So when we talk about competence, we're talking about visualizing success. So that's the first item.

And when you visualize success, you can start with the end in mind, as Stephen Covey says, You process something as if it's already happened. So you visualize that you've already completed the change. And you were successful in doing that, and visualizing the end goal being accomplished by yourself in the present state, you're not looking into the future, but you're assuming you've already done it. trick, so to speak your subconscious mind into believing that you've already you know, made the change, and they should be in it should be comfortable with making that change for you. And it helps the subconscious mind start working towards that change in a successful and positive manner. That's the way visualization works.

So you're visualizing it Within your mind saw the change actually having occurred in the present tense. Then you want to assess your current assets and talents. Now, everybody, everybody on this earth has certain talents and education and assets that they can use to make positive change in their life. Some people believe they don't, but that is in their mind as well. And once you're able to break out of that, you know, negative mindset that you have, you can actually use your talents to move forward. So you need to understand where you're weak and where you're strong in terms of your talents.

So you can figure out you know, where you need to build and improve and where you need to spend less time focusing. So these are all things that you can do once you've assessed your, your talents that you currently have. Then you need to clarify your reason. And the goal, the ultimate goal that you're trying to have, by making the change. There's a saying out there that says, nothing can stop a man who has a clear view of what he wants to achieve unique clear motivate motivations, and a clear goal with a fixed timeframe. And that will give you inner confidence to start taking the necessary steps to reach that goal.

So once you've got clarity around, why you're doing this, and go deep when I say that, you know, we often think of, well, you know, I want to make more money. Well, why do you want to make more money? You know, is it to buy a bigger house? Okay, well, why do you want a bigger house? If you keep on asking yourself, why? Five times, so everything you're thinking about When you're thinking about a goal, think about why do I want that and write that down and then think why do I want that and write that down.

Once you get down five levels of why you will be very close to the, the ultimate goal that you're trying to seek. And once you arrive at that ultimate goal that you actually want, there'll be many different ways in which you can obtain that rather than just you know, one one way. So that'll help you help you change in an effective manner so that you can move forward quicker and in a more successful manner. And you know, back to what we were talking under confidence when you're talking about competency within your your your mind, you need to change any negative programming or habits that you currently have the most effective way of removing negative programming in your mind to overlay something positive on that negative attitude that you have, and slowly break the habit of negativity, and reinforce it with something that's more positive. And this does take time.

You know, change is not something that you just snap your fingers and it occurs and changing habits that you've had for the last 20 years will certainly take you time and energy to actually change those negative habits into more positive ones. So it can be done, but you have to be committed to making it happen. Now, I use mind maps a lot. And it's a very effective way to outlining all the different ways that you can achieve your goal and make the change that you want. So I suggest making a mental mind map for change. And if you want to, you know write it down on a piece of paper to make it more strong in your subconscious mind.

So mental mind maps or mind maps in general can guide you to your desired change. So you can do a step by step mind map that will help you go through the different actions that you need to arrive at your end goal. If you use the mind map again, that comes back to the visualization process because our mind works in pictures. And by understanding that, if you write things down and you make mind maps with, you know different structures in your mind, it will enable you to change your your mental mind map into something that's more positive. And once you're in that positive mindset, you'll be able to go after your goals and achieve them more easier. Once we talk about visualization, there's also another aspect that we can use to help trigger our mind and our subconscious mind for a better term.

And that is affirmations, affirmation is a statement that you're making to yourself in a positive manner and in the present tense. Okay? So if you repeat that self affirmation, this will allow you to change aspects of your life, but it requires daily hourly repetition for a considerable amount of time. One affirmation that I've read recently in a book that I thought was was quite interesting, and I've actually taken taking it up is I'm so happy and grateful now that money wants me and comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a daily basis. That is, as is an affirmation about money. You know, there's I have another one that's about just abundance.

It's I'm so happy and grateful. Now that note, pause. There's one that I also have about abundance that I find very effective and it goes something like God's wealth and love are circulating in my life now, God's wealth and love flows to me an avalanche is of abundance. All my needs, goals and desires are met instantaneously by the Infinite Intelligence. I am one with the infinite intelligence for the Infinite Intelligence is God. Now, those two affirmations I repeat daily, many times a day, when I first get up in the morning, and before I go to bed, are certainly times when I focus on that if I'm driving by myself, I repeat that many times.

And it keeps you from getting into a negative mindset it it helps you stay positive and upbeat about the way your life is going. So I find it very effective. You also want to, you know, if you're changing your mental mindset, you also need to look at your good and bad qualities. We all have them. You know, we all have habits that are both good and bad. So make it to do list And list out all your negative habits and how you can improve on those negative habits to turn them into a better, more productive habit that you can change over time to overcome your bad qualities in your life.

I find this very effective again to write it down and to, you know, list the things that you believe are negative. Have somebody else review that with you, friend, family member, and then, you know, focus on ways to change those negative, negative qualities within yourself. And the key with changing your competency is rewarding yourself. What I tell all my coaching clients is to compliment yourself every time that you've made a change towards your goal and when you've completed an action step, celebrate, celebrate in you know, finding something that That you really truly enjoy whether that's going for a coffee or you know, a Starbucks or anything like that, that you know you can celebrate and use for yourself as a as a thank you gift for making the changes that you need to do in life. So when we talk about an action plan for competence, you know, you've reviewed this information in the section on competence.

You've learned different ways to assess your current level of skills and your current level of mental awareness of change. And you've also written down ways that you can improve upon your skills. So make changes, listening, your negative listening, the changes that you want to make doing those things. And you have to remember that all learning and improvements comes within you. You need to change your mind mental attitude, your subconscious mind and use the tools that you have to improve your other skills so that you can move forward. So with that in mind, let's look at action step number one.

So why do you think you've not already made your change? You know, what is stopping you again? Write out your answers to these questions. What skills do you need to improve and be more successful? What type of mental mind map can you make that will help you make those changes and what is the first step you're going to take towards making the change or reaching the goal that you need to so thank you

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