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Now that you've created your action steps in your change plan, such in five would discuss communicating that plan. So one of the best ways to make personal change a reality is to tell other people about the change you want to make. Your environment and the people you're associated with can affect your ability to change. They can either be behind you or they can be negative, and try to block you from making that change. So you want to make sure that you engage with people who have a positive attitude towards change and want the best for you so that it will enable a successful change to occur. You need people to help hold yourself accountable to making the positive changes in your life that you need to make to be successful.

It's that simple. If you have people holding you accountable, it helps you to move on direction and complete the tasks that you need to complete in order to make the change and reach the goals that you want. So when we talk about communicating, we're talking about your environment. So your environment will play a vital role in shaping both your character and your ability to change. In some instances, you need to actually change your environment to make changes in your life. If you're around a lot of negative people who just want to force you down and push you down and not let you grow to the person that you want to become, then you actually have to remove yourself from the influences of those people in that environment.

Now, you can do that in a couple different ways. You can, you know, break things completely right off or just spend less time with those people and more time with people with a positive attitude. your significant other person that you rely on the most your wife, your husband, your heart I can help you kick any bad habits that you have. And you need to make sure that they know why you're making the changes that you want to make in your life. This will heighten their awareness. If you want to really manifest some things substantial in your life, you need the help and inspiration from others.

Now, in my experience, I've used a lot of audio recordings from coaches and success. presenters and other people to help motivate myself to make changes in my life. And I found that to be very effective. So you can use different ways to, you know, manifest a mindset that you can use to make the change that you want to. You want to surround yourself with optimistic people. Choose people that inspire you to help you reach your goals.

Finally, People to associate with that will push you forward, rather than hold you back. optimistic people can challenge you to reach higher goals. It'll help you face any challenges you have, when you're making the changes, if you're around optimistic people sociated with people who are actually going to the change, just that you have, that you want to go through or already have, will help as well. So you can actually grow with these optimistic people around you as well. You know, there's, you know, 25 to 30% of the population that actually look at the brighter sides of life where the glass is half full, rather than the glass half empty. And that's the type of people you want to associate with if you want to make positive change in your life.

And you'll actually want to look at any character issues that you may have that that holds you back break those habits, so that you can take responsibility for your life and move forward. So when we look at communicating the action plan around communicating is talking about it right. The action plan involves detailing your goals of the changes you want, which you've already done in the creation section. And then following up by telling others about that plan. Use these people to help you keep focused on the activities you need to reach your goals and ask them to hold you accountable to your own personal plan. And in doing that action, step number one is list your goals and the change you want.

Detail the high level steps you need to make in order to do this change. And how will you know when you're successful? Write this down. And then in action step number two lists three people you will tell about this change and that you want help from to achieve it. How will you Get each one of them to help you and what do you need from them to hold you accountable to it?

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