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So I'd like to introduce you to section number one, this is the introduction. And in this section we're going to go over change and the fact that most people have majority people do not like change. They like the status quo. They like their current habits, their current activities, their customs. And that comes right from childhood. Most people have been given their habits, their activities and customs, right from childhood, from their parents and from the grandparents.

So your reaction to any change that you're having difficulty implementing is natural. You do not need to get down on yourself, or the fact that you don't, you know, you can't break through out of your comfort zone. Remember that it's natural to resist change. And when you think of the, the laws of physics, you can think of the law of inertia which simply states everything tends to remain at rest or in continuous motion, unless acted upon by an outside force. So when When you're thinking about you're resistant to change, you need to understand that you can overcome it. And you can achieve your goals and substantial results in your life.

But the only way to do that is to follow a process. So that you can make the change that you want, and achieve it rather than falling back into your old habits and activities. So, when we talk about change, most people think about organizational change from a business perspective, that's the, you know, the topic that most people talk about when they talk about change in the workplace or change, change changes. It's about organizational change. But that's a very complex process where you have to engage a lot of different groups and different people. Most of the change that I'm talking about is personal change, change that you can start from within yourself, and it's different than organizational change.

Sure you can get help from others, once you've decided to make the change. But in most cases, this help is just to keep you on track as you develop better success habits. So you need to realize that all the change that you implement, even organizational change comes from within. Because if you don't engage in that organizational change, you're not going to change and you're going to fall back. And that's going to impact the organization. But that's not what we're talking about here.

Today, we're talking about personal change. It can be just as difficult as organizational change, but it doesn't have to be. And because it doesn't have to be if you focus on a simple model that begins with changing from within you, you'll be successful. So you don't have to have somebody demanding that you change from outside because that won't work. You can only affect you. Nobody else can affect you.

You. You can you have to decide to change you do yourself. There are ways to reduce resistance to change, yes, there is the best, the best way to reduce this resistance is preparing yourself for any change. And I suggest this even in organizational change that preparing yourself and being prepared for any change that might come along will make you able to adapt to the new change that is occurring within the business. So, once your internal resistance to change has been overcome, the external transition will become possible and clearer and easier as you move forward. So, again, it all begins with inside you.

The internal change like a is like a pyramid change, change it it's necessary to achieve no start over here. Your internal change is like apparent pair, start over the internal change that you experience is necessary. To achieve any external change, because the only change that really matters is what comes from within you. So keep that in mind always that change has to come from within you, people could try to force change on you, but unless you accept it, and you're willing to accept it, change will ever happen. So at this point, I'd like to talk about why you should listen to me. Now, my name is Jeff Yeomans, as I said, there's a picture of me and my wife on the screen.

And I have over 31 years of experience in industry. And during that time, I worked my way from a trainee all the way up to a manager. And in doing that, I've had to embrace personal change in my life and personal development in my life, to become the person that I needed to become to do the activities that I needed to do to have the opportunity to move up the ladder of success. As you can see, I have quite a bit of gray hair and I like to blame that on the fact that 19 over the last 31 years, I've been in leadership roles where I've had to implement change and guide people through changes in a way that was both beneficial for them and beneficial for the companies that I work for. In the last 12 years, I've spent over $27,000 on leadership development, training, coaching, and change management training.

I've had to do that in order to make myself a better person and improve my success rate with the people that are working with. And in the last nine years, I've decided to focus on helping others through a coaching practice. Most of that coaching is about life coaching, but I do do some business coaching as well. But primarily it's about changing your internal beliefs so that you can reach the goals that you want to achieve. So as I stated, at the first, every section of this training has an actual To plan these actions will take you step by step through this journey to achieve the change that you want. So to begin this process, I'd like you to write down the answers to this to the following questions.

Action, step number one, and again, write this down. Think about the change you are considering. Please write out the change you are looking to undertake and be specific when you're writing it out. Don't do a generalized action plan or action step statement. Do something specific action step number two, now that you've written out the change that you're looking to undertake, right at the end results that you actually want to achieve by making this change, and sometimes that'll be different. And there might be different ways of obtaining that goal.

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