How to Write Content That Is Actually Good

Go beyond writing basics to become a skilled and effective content writer.

How to Write Content That Is Actually Good

Go beyond writing basics to become a skilled and effective content writer.
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About the Class

Right now, the internet has more content writers than ever. At the same time, the average attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Making matters worse, a lot of writers work so hard to optimize their content for Google’s search algorithms that, when they finally reach the first page of search results on their topic, they can’t get people to read their content without bouncing immediately.

When you write marketing content, it’s not enough to get your reader’s attention! To persuade your audience, you need to write content that’s actually good. In this course, you will learn proven strategies to write high-quality long-form content. I’ll share ways to begin a post to grab your reader’s attention. You will also learn how to understand your audience best, and tips on revising your writing from meh to good. Together we’ll work on a blog post for your course project, so by the end, you will have a ready-to-publish blog post.


Allan Maule

Content Writer and Strategist
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I am a content and brand writer with more than 12 years of experience in interactive media, branding, content marketing, video games, and scriptwriting. I've written content for major brands like IBM, MTV, LinkedIn, GE, MaxPoint, Red Hat, and DuPont as well as more specialized IPs belonging to Axiom Legal, VMware, Campbell University, MacGregor...

Class Requirements

Some background in basic content writing is helpful, but not required (we'll go over the basics in the first lesson).

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Skills: Content Writing, Marketing, Persuasion, Creative Writing, Marketing Writing
Age groups: 18+ years
Duration: 48 minutes
10 Videos
1 Document
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