The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your AllerTribe

Learn how to find and communicate with the right doctors, the right schools and care centers, your friends and family, and understand the laws associated with food allergies.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your AllerTribe

Learn how to find and communicate with the right doctors, the right schools and care centers, your friends and family, and understand the laws associated with food allergies.
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About the Class

Food allergy diagnoses are overwhelming.

Join Leah Robilotto, founder of The Food Allergy Institute, and Deborah Dee Vicino, founder of AllerCuisine, and learn who you need in your food allergy corner and how to get them there.

When your child is diagnosed with food allergies, you definitely need a tribe. Leah Robilotto of the Food Allergy Institute and Dee Dee Vicino, Founder, and CEO of AllerCuisine, designed this course so that you won't have to experience the fear and frustration they did when their own kids were diagnosed with food allergies. They consulted with Industry Professionals and carefully reviewed the course content with them. They all agree - there is no other course for food allergy families that is this comprehensive. It is the only course on the market that addresses your immediate needs regarding real-life issues related to food allergies.

As moms of food-allergic children, they have been sitting right where you are and feeling all of the frustration that you are probably feeling. Are you:

  • Looking for answers, no one seems to have?
  • Trying to keep your kids safe, healthy, and happy?
  • Confused about how to make sure your kids are included in all that life has to offer?
  • Trying to maintain your own sanity throughout this insane process?

They get it. They've been there. And sometimes, they still find themselves there. Parenting is exhausting - and parenting kids with food allergies seem to multiply that exhaustion. Leah and Dee Dee know what it's like to try to hold everything together and lose ourselves in this endless process. And they want to take this burden from you and make your life easier, manageable, and free of stress and anxiety.

  • Are you exhausted by trying to manage it all?
  • Are you tired of going to the grocery store only to find they don't have what you need?
  • Are you frustrated by endless searches for answers?
  • Are you emotionally drained having to explain to your kids why they can't have a play-date without you being there?
  • Are you wearied by wondering what your next big step is?

This is your opportunity to learn from the pros. Leah and Dee Dee have 40+ years of combined experience dealing with food allergies. Leah holds a Masters in Child and Adolescent Psychology specializing in working with children with life-threatening food allergies and chronic illness. She also worked with FARE - Food Allergy Resources and Education - in their Education Department. Dee Dee has worked with children with food allergies as both a Teacher and as an Assistant Principal. She was also the Director of Education and Training at AllerTrain - the country's leading Food Allergy Training Organization. Both Leah and Dee Dee help schools craft effective food allergy policies, train school personnel, assist families with 504 plans, and speak nationally to increase food allergy awareness. And now, they want to help you learn to manage it all.

What will learn in this course?

  • Identify family goals and create your family’s Food Allergy Constitution and communication tools.
  • Establish a core medical team (Tribe) to provide care of the highest quality and fit within your family's goals.
  • Develop personalized tools to have productive appointments with your medical team
  • Communicate with family ad friends about your child's diagnosis 
  • Find the best schools/care centers that will work with you to keep your child safe and included
  • Build confidence in caring for your child
  • Craft practical solutions for everyday living with a food allergic child
  • Keep your sanity through it all
  • Find childcare you can trust

This course is so much more than a course! Registrants will receive an 88-page printable workbook full of relevant and practical content, Leah’s book "Chaos to Calm," AllerCuisine's Family Friendly e-cookbook, a few other special goodies, and several Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Posters. Registrants also receive two complimentary one-on-one 30-minute sessions with Leah and Dee Dee as well as membership in a private Facebook group where Leah and Dee Dee will answer your food allergy questions on a regular basis. We cannot wait to begin this journey to peace of mind with you.


Leah Robilotto & Dee Vicino

Learn from the PRO's! Food Allergy Management Consultants, Educational Professionals, Licensed Child and Adolescent Therapist
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Leah Robiliotto, Psy. M. holds a Master’s in Child and Adolescent Psychology. Her mission is to help individuals, their families, school systems, communities, and workplaces in their journey to live their best lives while reducing the stress and anxiety that comes with living in today’s hectic world. She is a published author and public speaker...

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Building Reliable Friends, Assembling Medical Community, Communicating with School Community, Stress Management, Building Family Networks, Food Allergy Management, Building a Support Network
Age groups: 18+ years
Certificate: On completion
Duration: 2 hours 39 minutes
7 Videos
6 Documents
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