Laws and Rules Refresher

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This course is designed for 3 hours (as required by Rule 64B4-6.001) presentation.

Working knowledge and comprehension of laws and rules governing licensed professional practice is vital for practitioners of human service-related professions. Ethical standards of a profession are critical in setting forth expected behaviors and actions in various scenarios. Likewise, rules and laws governing practice in the State of Florida are critical to the practitioner to engage in lawful, appropriate practice and to protect the populace from unqualified practitioners. Licensed practitioners have not only ethical but legal, responsibility to practice according to the statutes set forth by the rule-making body of the State of Florida.


  • Chapter 456, Part II, F.S., (Regulation of Professions and Occupations, General Provisions)
  • Chapter 491, F.S., (Clinical, Counseling and Psychotherapy Services)
  • Chapter 64B4, F.A.C., (Rules of the Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling)
  • Chapter 394, F.S., (Part I Florida Mental Health Act)
  • Chapter 397, F.S. (The Marchman Act)
We'll cover the following topics in this section:

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