You Can Become a Master Communicator!

6 minutes
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Do you know what the number one trait is among wildly successful people? in every industry, it doesn't matter if it's business technology, the sciences, politics, it's not necessarily getting up early. Some work late at night. It's not necessarily being a teetotaler. Some like to drink. It's not about religious belief, you see the whole spectrum.

The only thing that's remarkably consistent among wildly successful CEOs, political leaders, major leaders of industry, they're excellent communicators, they have figured out a way to communicate what it is they do to the rest of the world. It's often the biggest differentiator between those whose careers peak out at middle management and those who get to the very top. When people in any industry or any organization are trying to figure out who do we promote. They're all on asking themselves do we see this person speaking on behalf of the entire organization, the entire company, to the outside world, to the media, to all of our investors, to all of our most important clients, you may have the best work ethic in the world. But if you can't communicate if you appear to be someone who's scared, nervous and uncomfortable speaking to more than one person that is going to severely restrict your long term, career potential.

So if you want to really unleash your potential, you're going to have to learn to be a comfortable, competent, successful speaker, doesn't mean you have to become the next Anthony Robbins, or the next ronald reagan or Bill Clinton, but you are going to have to communicate what it is you do, what it is your organization does. Before we can get to that part essential ingredient to communication that's often bypassed, often forgotten, is listening. Before you can even tell people what your organization does what you do, you've got to really develop a habit of listening carefully to everyone, you work with your bosses, your bosses, bosses, your colleagues, and those who are newer than you are into your industry. Too many people can get good at presenting and pontificating and they're comfortable. Okay? Nevertheless, you don't want to be one of those.

You've got to first start by listening, really listening and figuring out what's truly most important. But then you've got to have the ability to communicate effectively. And these days, it's not just with one other person, or in a conference room talking to five people. You could at a moment's notice, be asked to present To 1000 people around the world through a Skype video hooked up. Are you ready for that? You could be asked to substitute for your boss at the last minute and deliver his or her PowerPoint presentation at an industry conference because your boss got sick.

Are you ready for that? You don't want to be one of these people. So Oh, you know, I'm not a public speaker. You are a public speaker unless you want your career to end out at the lowest possible level. If you know how to talk, and you've ever talked to more than two people, guess what, you are a public speaker. Now I have more than 100 other courses on Udemy that talks specifically about how to give speeches, boardroom presentations, how to use a teleprompter.

But let me sum up what's truly most important. If you want to be a great communicator. The most important thing is figure out what is it you want your audience to do, whether it's an audience of one your boss or five Colleagues figure out what is it you want them to do? then figure out what at the top, no more than this many five one handful of messages that would make them want to do what you've said. Then come up with examples or stories for each one. If you're going to use PowerPoint, I'm not suggesting you do most of the time.

Use images, not text. And the most important part of communication practice. It may be as simple as a board meeting or weekly conference meeting and you know, you're going to just ask one question, practice that but practice in a specific way. The number one way great communicators get better and better is they practice just using their cell phone. You can talk to yourself in your car before you get out to go into your office. You can practice in a hallway in a bathroom.

You can practice pretty much anywhere these days. The number one way to be comfortable as a speaker, to be confident as a speaker, it's not meditating. It's not drinking green tea. It's to actually practice on video until you can look at the video of yourself speaking, and you like it. If you do that, then it's going to be almost impossible to be uncomfortable or nervous. Here's your communication homework assignment right now.

I want you to just in 60 seconds or so, explain what it is your company, your organization that's recorded. Look at it. Figure out what do you like, what do you not like? We do it. You don't like your voice. Keep practicing it.

You'll get used to it. If you think what you're saying sounds boring on interesting. And like something right off of Wikipedia. Page. Well redo it until you find it. Interesting.

You have a lifetime of experience of hearing people give boring presentations, boring talks, boring videos. use that to your advantage. If you think it's boring, guess what? It is. Keep practicing until you like how you look how you sound and the message. do that right now just with your own cell phone, iPad or laptop.

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