Becoming a Leader without the Title or Position

5 minutes
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Leadership is a topic that gets a tremendous amount of discussion. There is zillion books on the subject and management gurus. And yes, it can be an overworked subject, but what does it really mean? Especially if you don't have the title of CEO or president or some official title. Leadership means you see a problem. you brainstorm on solutions, you come up with something, working together with other people or your own idea that you think is the best possible way of solving the problem.

And then you work to solve the problem. And then you try to encourage other people and you get other people to share your vision of a solution and solve the problem. That's all leadership really is. Now if you're Abraham Lincoln and you're trying to keep the country together United States that's one set of problems. If you are trying to solve the problem, limbs of not having enough toilets in your country, that's a completely different problem, but their problems everywhere. And they are potential solutions everywhere.

So if you really want to help your career, you need at an early age to develop a reputation as someone who shows leadership. Now, unfortunately, and a lot of parts of the world and a lot of industries, leadership was defined as the tallest white guy who's oldest and maybe has a little gray hair. That's not the reality, not saying there isn't sexism or racism in the world, but that's not the main thing that determines leadership in most organizations anymore. Leadership is much more diffuse and more organizations and if you have a solution, and if you can convince other people of your vision and to help you That's going to make you a leader. Get it could be something as relatively simple as starting a recycling program. at your office, maybe it doesn't have one.

It could be beautifying a courtyard in the back, that can be used at lunchtime for people to simply enjoy their time working together more. It doesn't have to be something as big as solving wars or solving world hunger or coming up with a new computer chip that is going to be a billion dollar industry. It could be something small. If you solve a problem that's causing a problem for co workers or clients or customers. And you get other people to share your vision and you make it happen. You are going to develop a reputation for leadership and that is a prized commodity.

That is Fortunately, or unfortunately, why CEOs are often paid 300 400,000 times more than what a line worker is paid. Now, that's a topic for a whole different course on whether that inequality is fair or not. That is the reality. Now, if you are seen as a leader, and if you're someone who can actually convince other people to do what you want them to do, and you've solved the problem, the sky is the limit on your career. But here is the challenge for you. Many people make the mistake and say, Well, I'm just a junior person.

I've only worked here for one year, five years or 10 years or I'm, I'm a low level cog here. Don't write yourself off. leadership has nothing to do with your formal position or formal title. Again, there are exceptions in certain industries where you may face discrimination but in general Many, many organizations and industries around the world. If you show initiative, you can get other people to follow you, you can make some difference, you now have a track record. And maybe if you apply for your next position, your raise your higher open position, you're more likely to get it even more important.

People are likely to seek you out without you applying for anything because you've already established one of the hardest credentials to ever establish the credential of leadership. So that's your assignment right now pick something almost the smaller the better. Pick some problem that affects either other people in your organization in your office or in your industry and come up with a solution again, almost a smaller problem. The smaller the solution, the better try to convince Other people to work with you and solve the problem.

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