“Not My Job” and I am Happy to do it

4 minutes
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Hey, that's not my job, not my problem, not my job description. Those words in the modern era, our career, kiss of death, got to realize you have one job. Your one job is to please your boss. And related to that, please, customers, please clients. Now I'm not asking you to do anything illegal or immoral. And if you think you're in an oppressive situation, that's a whole different issue for a different course, I'm assuming that you have a perfectly fine relationship with your boss, and you want to make it even better.

Well, one way of doing that is by constantly exuding the attitude that this is my job. Anything you want to throw at me, is my job. When you look at so many people who've become wildly successful, talk to anyone who worked with them earlier in their career, certainly, and their attitude is always the same. I'll do anything anything Anything I can do to learn anything I can do to help the organization. If you look at any of the top network news anchors, major TV networks around the world, the people who are the Primetime network anchors so often when they were 2324, just starting off, and their news network, their bosses will tell you the attitude was always the same. I'll do any story.

I'll go anywhere, I'll hop a plane to the most remote part of the world with two minutes notice that is their attitude. Certainly, you can be hired for one position and be given a task that you think is way beneath your dignity way beneath your educational credentials and background. And legally, you may have a point. But do you want to fight legalities? Do you want to be litigating your career, that's typically a surefire path to career death. Now I'm not suggesting you should have to go to the boss's home and on your own free time cook and clean the boss's house.

I'm not suggesting anything like that. But when it comes to any organization, any industry, any office, there's always a lot of things that are not technically in anybody's job description. And if you can fill the void, that's a way for you to provide more value, meet more people, and really display the fact that you have certain competencies could be starting a trade organization that no one thought up. It could be just as simple as putting a label on the trash cans which one is for recycling and which one is for trash. If you really keep your eyes open, for things that need to be done to advance the organization, you're going to be a million things that are not officially your description. Now this relates to the first soft skill We mentioned a moment ago on technology simply learning the technology, being comfortable with the databases, being comfortable with new social media, whether it's Facebook Live or whatever is relevant to your career.

It's certainly related to that. But it's related to everything that goes on in your office in your organization, because no organization is so big and has so many people that they have someone with a title for every single task that needs to be done. That's why it's critical for you to have an open mind, have your eyes open, and always be looking for things that are important. But you don't really want to do it and nobody else does, too. So that's your exercise. Look around your office right now.

Find some task that you know needs to be done that you don't particularly want to do. Do it anyway. You don't have to brag about it forever. Eventually people will know. And you'll develop a reputation as the person who does things, even though it's not officially their job when you build a reputation as someone who does stuff that isn't just your job. That is career gold, right there.

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