Unleash Your Inner Anthony Robbins

2 minutes
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Okay, here's the part where you think I'm going to be cheesy until you put on a happy face all the time. Run around say rah, rah rah. unleash your inner Anthony Robbins. That's not quite what I'm talking about here. I do think you need to exude a positive attitude about your work, your career, your profession and yourself. It's a simple fact that most human beings don't like to be around somebody who seems down in the dumps.

Crabby, complaining negative doesn't mean you can't have a biting wit. It doesn't mean you can't be sarcastic, and go after other people in your industry adult like, you can still have your own personality. But in general, you've got to exude some positive sense of why you like being there in general people, especially bosses. like to have workers around who actually want to be there. If you seem like, oh god, it's Monday morning blues. And as horrible I can't wait till Friday.

You're not going to be showing a boss or anyone else that you're a real value that you want to be here. You're negative, you're you're draining people. You're a downer. You don't want to be a downer. I'm not asking you to be fake, phony. But you can look at any glass and say it's half full or half empty.

Focus on what's full. Focus on what's working. Believe me, I've had jobs before that. I didn't love every aspect of it, but it was better than unemployment. So here's the challenge for you. I want you to imagine that you're at a college fair, a job recruiting fair, and you have to pitch your company, your organization, what you do.

To a young college graduate, or whoever might be an entry level applicant, for a company or an organization like yours, I need you to sell it. Don't be fake. Don't be phony, be real. But focus on trying to convince someone who could have any kind of job, why they should work with you what's exciting about your organization in what you do. And I want you to actually practice by recording it on cell phone. It only has to be 60 seconds or so.

But imagine you're talking to one specific prospect who isn't necessarily even interested in working with you. record yourself and look at it and ask yourself, would you want to work for you? Would you want to work in your organization after watching it? That's the test. Do it now.

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