Get the Skinny on Fats

Learn about the role of fats in our body and what the best fats are to consume for optimal health.

Get the Skinny on Fats

Learn about the role of fats in our body and what the best fats are to consume for optimal health.
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About the Class

So many people make poor dietary choices overall with food, not because they choose to eat poorly, but because few have really learned what are the best dietary choices for our optimal health. We have all been marketed to by a food industry that does not have our best health in mind and we have a health care industry that has not studied nutrition. There are over 150 diets on the market all promoting that they are the solution to your weight and health problems. We consistently get conflicting messages and information from the research and the internet, from health care professionals and marketing gurus. Who do you listen to? What do you believe?

First and foremost, I do not promote a particular diet. Everybody is different and everyone has a different lifestyle and dietary challenges for their own unique bodies. No one diet works for everyone. What I do promote is overall healthy eating with the knowledge of what our body needs. I believe the more we understand how our body functions and the roles of food in our body, the better decisions we can make on what we need to eat. I promote the why behind food choices. I promote choices based on understanding and assessing our needs. Get the Skinny on Fats is designed to teach you everything you need to know about fats in your diet so you can make the best choices for your body. 

Class content:

Part 1: Why do we need fats? 

  • Learn about the types of fats and their role in our bodies.
  • What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fat?
  • What are trans fats and why are they harmful? 
  • Understand the balance between omega 3's, 6's, and 9's and their function. 

Part 2: What really causes heart disease? What are the health benefits of fats?

  • Learn what are the best fat choices to consume and how to prevent heart disease and atherosclerosis.
  • Understand what cholesterol is and it's a role in our bodies. 

Part 3: How do I know what types of fats to eat and cook with? 

  • Learn the pros and cons of keto diets.
  • What foods contain omega 6's and how to adjust our diets.
  • Know what to look for when purchasing olive oil.
  • Take away handouts on the breakdown of oils, which oils have the highest smoke point and which to avoid in high heat cooking.
  • Learn what to eat for optimal health, plus recipes to try.


Lynn LeCorre

Educator, Health Coach
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I am an artist, art and museum educator and a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I received my training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I studied holistic approaches to diet and lifestyle. Art and nutrition are my passions, teaching is my delivery method. I have a Bachelors Degree in Art Education and a Visual Art Diploma and...

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Level: All levels
Duration: 4 minutes
1 Video
15 Documents
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