Yoga for Depression and Anxiety Yoga for Depression and Anxiety
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Here I explain how yoga works to treat depression and anxiety


Hi, I'm IRA Israel. Thank you very much for watching this video yoga for depression and anxiety. Before we begin the practice, I'd like to unpack the title for you, if I may. Firstly, this isn't really yoga for depression and anxiety, it's actually yoga against depression, anxiety, or more specifically, yoga for treating depression and anxiety. Secondly, the fact of the matter is, is that all yoga treats depression and anxiety. Although some great teachers have developed particular poses that treat depression, we're going to take it from a whole other angle today.

I understand the clinical definition of depression. But I think that it's more interesting to look at it from a philosophical point of view than from a medical point of view. I believe that it's our culture's particular brand of highly competitive consumer based capitalism that actually foment the loneliness. disconnectedness and alienation that many people feel today. The reason this occurs is because of all the resentments and expectations that we experience. Let's take a look at depression and anxiety and see how they relate to resentment and expectation.

Resentment is when your mind thinks that something should not have occurred in the past. expectation is when your mind thinks that something should occur in the future. Here's some very profound and also very numerous advantages that I've learned about resentment and expectation. Resentment is like poking yourself in the eye and waiting for the other person to go blind and expectations are disappointments waiting to happen. The following concept may seem deceptively simple to you, but try to wrap your mind around it. Depression always relates to thoughts about the path anxiety always relates to thoughts about the future but the past now longer exist and the future does not yet exist.

So how can depression and anxiety exist? Do yourself a favor. Let me help you follow your breath, your prana your essential lifeforce for the next 75 minutes, and we're going to watch the symptoms of your depression and anxiety melt away. Because your mind cannot concentrate on two things at the same time. The simplest way of escaping your thoughts about the past and the future is to concentrate on the breath. And if you're truly able to delve into your breath, you're going to realize that you are not your mind.

Your true self is not your mind. Although your mind would like you to believe otherwise. You are not the soundtrack in your head. You're not the barrage of thoughts that go through your mind like passing clouds. Yoga was created to help you release your mind to help you go beyond your thoughts to the other side of the fence. soundtrack that is rolling through your head and help you experience the inner peace and calm and even the bliss.

That is the real you the essential you. So why don't you give it a try? The only thing you have to lose is your depression and your anxiety.

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