Configuring SNMP

4 minutes
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Welcome back everyone. Now we're going to do or I'm going to show you the SNMP configuration, right? If you Configure SNMP, one, very simple access list, standard access list, time permit, whatever SNMP server you're using 399 access to this 10 permit 192168 104. And that's going to be your host will have your SNMP server community string. This is what's important. You have a community string called monitor it.

All right, you have the read only, alright, and then a number 10. Okay, and then SNMP server host 1921683 dot 99 and then monitor it. That is your actual host that you're monitoring. Okay, there's your hose, your monitoring, and that is the key word, the host and the server actually have to match Okay, they don't match, there's going to be a problem. So the community strings always need to match the IP addresses need to match. And make sure you have the permits, or uses a standard access list.

There's no denying statements is an implicit deny that's going to do that. So SNMP version one, very simple to do. That's why there's really a lot of security holes. And it's really due to that guy right there. Because if you put rewrite that can be an issue. All right, as far as SNMP, version two C, which is the most popular, I will know that here.

Instead of using traps here, we can use the inform that's what we're talking about inform request, instead of using traps. Again, access lists whatever number 20 standard uniform in that particular one SNMP server, the community string we kept the same way but here, you can do reader read only or rewrite. Okay, and then again, a number and then SNMP server host 121683 dot nine inform version to see, I have to see version to see. And then obviously, the community string. That's extremely important. But again, a little bit better 64 bit you can do all that.

But again, security, security security, there is not. All right, and then you have configuring SNMP version three. Same thing with the access list. We have now something called SNMP server group. Now we got a group called net Ops, version three privileged, privileged so it is encrypted SNMP server user my modern alpha version three authentication, we're using a Sha there's the what is it that we're using privilege encrypted Aes 128, again with the same code and then privilege 10 and then SNMP server host, there's the host informs the version. And then three print my monitor, listen, you're not going to be configuring SNMP Okay, you're not alright, know that SNMP version three has the security you can use and the five DS meds, you can do all that.

Okay, up to 256 bit encryption using AES. So you can do this. Okay, you can do this with groups and groups and certain levels and all that good stuff. All right, here's the configurations they're going to be there for you. It's in the video and it's also going to be your upload it as resources you can download as well. So but don't go crazy with a configuration you want to know for the real world has a different story for certification, Holly doubt that you'll be configuring any even in this guy.

Version one, they're gonna be configuring that guy. I just know the differences between was that table that I showed you previously. And that's it. Okay. And that's it. That is what you need to know and what it does what it does, which is just just counting Information and but you want to send the information, obviously, security, right when you try to pull information, get information on whatever device you're using.

Okay? That's SNMP. All right, at least the configurations of the three different versions. See you the next one.

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