Discovering Connected Devices

5 minutes
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Welcome, everyone. Now we're going to look at discovering connected devices. We know this, we know we've done this. Okay? How do we, how do we look at our neighbors? All right?

There's two ways now. Before Cisco only said Cisco Discovery Protocol as a good way of mapping to map your neighbors if you have nothing else, right, you're directly connected neighbors directly connected neighbors. Here, you see an example there are a little snippet. Okay? All the show CDP neighbor. Now this is important because even in the CCNA these are commands that you do use in the simulations that you do use.

All right. You can see your device ID very basic. You don't see nothing in detail. That's why he's not so detail. Your device, Id your Local interface, how long it's going to hold that information? What type of device are we looking at?

We're looking at a router, its platform, which is a 2600 router. And Where's it coming from? It's coming from the routers f 00 interface. That's CDP neighbor basic information of your directly connected neighbor. Now you do need to enable CDP by on the global or CDP run on global configuration and enable CDP on the interfaces as well or you can turn them off with a noi in front of it. It's up to you.

All right. You can also do neighbor detail aid, I can see you get more information. Now if you get a device ID but you get the IP address. Those of you are taking CCNA obviously you're looking at this as a ccmp. You're saying why is last sorry about this because believe it or not, it's an industry MP mo okay. Ah, CTV neighbor detail, you get the IP address of who you're connected to their platform hold time versioning information, all that and the duplex type, which is full duplex type, which is for no confusion here.

This will be your local interface. This is the interface that is coming from. Okay. The outgoing port is the port that's your neighbor. All right, the 00. Right.

So you'll see no but you've seen this before. You've done this before. Now, the new one or the one is lldp, not LDP. So, this is the link layer data protocol. LDP show lldp neighbor. Okay.

So as you can see right here, the snippet that I did show lldp neighbors. We can see that it shows bridge and it shows telephone and I'll have a DOCSIS cable device. So it looks a little bit different. It has a couple different devices that you look at. But eventually the same thing the student I O device ID, I'm looking at the switch. Okay?

Logo interface, well, router, sorry, logo interface, whole time capabilities, and the poor ID, but you notice different things here, bridge and telephone being the ones that stand out the most. That wasn't in the neighbor detail. And as far as the lldp. Again, that's error. lldp so please do send me an email I know as twelves it says right there. Okay.

Show lldp neighbors detail. Now not only do you get the same information, but now you also getting the chassis ID well, that could be a question. That could be a question. Okay. If you're on a on a switch, and want to know how would you know that what would you type to know that chassis ID of your neighbor chassis, I mean show lldp neighbor okay and now you get the chassis ID with a CDP you don't do that okay, now port ID Same, same same same, a little bit more info you still get you know some of the VLAN but one of the things that stick out it goes you see the system capabilities as enabled as a router or router Okay, even know. Let me see let me see let me see just any port any port since the name.

You can see port ID is 23. What we're looking at is switch the switch but the capabilities the running is a router is acting as a router. Okay, so LDP has given us more information than CDP and it's not Cisco proprietary, anybody can use lldp. Okay, so these are the two that you need to know or for, I guess Well, CDP and lldp and both of them have detail. Okay? Know that the lldp link layer data protocol is going to be a little bit more detailed than CDP just in the fact this number right here, and I keep repeating that for a reason.

Okay, so keep that in mind because even in the real world, even in the real world now examination, you know, some point because I was asked, at some point, you need to find the chassis Id just for your records when you walk in and you're doing certain things that you need to serve reports in to create, they want the chassis ID. So here it is. Okay. See you in the next

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