VTP Domains

4 minutes
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All right, now we get into VTP domains. Again, nothing new for those who took my CCNA course, because we did VTP domains. And that's exactly what they are. They're management domains or areas with common VLAN requirements. If you have a network segment that includes three, four, or five, six switches, however many, and you want to take that particular group or block of switches and say, Okay, this is going to be the science lab, or science building or whatever the case may be going, okay? In our lab, we'll just call it last, okay, there's gonna be the last domain.

So everybody in that domain, it's a security purpose was once they if you're part of that domain, you're going to see all those changes. You only belong to one domain, it says here. So for just one share with each other's switches will share with other switches in the same domain. The revision number no VLANs and other parameters write specific parameters to all these VLANs. So we'll get that information if you're automatically part of the domain. Now in my labs, what do I do in my labs, those of you that take my courses before and those of you who want to take it today, you're gonna see that I've done it already.

I put a triangle right course which two distribution switches, right or accidentally whatever you want to call it, okay? In that main course, which I create my VLANs once I create the VLANs, then I trunk the appropriate ports. Once I trunk the appropriate ports, then I create a VTP domain lies. Okay, once that's done, and then by default, by default, all switches are in server mode. All so Then I come down to the bottom and the bottom switches, I put the first thing I do VTP mode clients. And what happens, all those VLANs are going to come now.

And they're gonna exist on all the switches. That's how VTP works. They're sharing that information, right? Because you're within that domain. Alright, so that's the good thing about creating a VTP domain. But also now the VTP domain comes on automatically you do it on one server, one server switch, the domain name will come down, the beans will come down all that stuff will come down but won't come now is the password after we got started manually, again here would be added in the domain.

All other switches participating on domain will be made aware of it and be ready to handle the traffic. If you create that VLAN within the service which you create another VLAN is going to transmit it to the other switches, and then it'll exist on the other switches as well. That's the cool thing about doing VTP domains that you can go ahead and make changes, and automatically they will propagate to your other switches which cut your work in half. It really, really does. And if you keep good documentation, and as it individuals, we should keep not only drawings, right, but documentation as well whether it be Word documents or Excel for IPS or what have you. Okay, you need to keep all these things together.

So you know what you're dealing with because you know, I don't want to hire Junior IT person or somebody else to help you out. And then they know they can simply just look okay, this is going here, and this is going there for cabling for everything. But definitely, we said that VLANs are helpful, right, in creating smaller broadcast domains, right within that particular block. And not to overfill that VLAN like I said, a million Many times, right Cisco says if you have a cider 24 do not put more than 254 nodes in there. Okay? So, which makes sense.

But again, you want to keep it small well, and a VTP domain, same concept, guys, same concept, and gals, don't do you know what I mean? Got 100 200 switches in this VTP domain. I'm not saying you can't buy it, but don't because then managing it is not going to be an easy task. Okay, it's not gonna be an easy task. But anyway, so again, those are a VTP domain is that's it. Alright, that's it.

That way everybody shares their information. As soon as you make a change, they guess probably get into the rest. See you next

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