Defining and Configuring SPAN

5 minutes
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All right, welcome back everyone. Now let's take a look at remote fan. All right, how does it work most fan source is identified on one switch where the sources connected just as with a local fan, and then the RS fan destination is identified on our switch were the mirror traffic will be collected. Our spam will carry only the data over a special purpose VLAN special purpose VLAN Okay, across strong links and intermediate switches in between. and the intermediate switches between the source and destination have no idea that that's going on. Okay.

I have no idea. Our span of VLANs has some important differences from regular VLANs MAC address learning is disabled. You like what? Of course excuse me on the spot amela This will make sure that only the mirror or copy interesting frames are set. That's the goal. The goal is to send these copied frames through that our span VLAN not just regular flood of traffic, right?

Specific, or as they say interesting information. All right, that's why they disable MAC address learning, because that VLAN is for specific purpose. Our friends VLANs should be allowed on trunks between switches, but should not be assigned to any other switch port along the path of one trunk link. And that trunk link is for this for the RS fan. Okay, here it is. Alright, so here we go.

Now this apology could be other configurations for it. As we're going down, and the switch first words second switch to switch and so forth. Okay. Switch a switch B and switch c Yeah, same thing. traffic going to that particular PC, okay, but now it's going across an intermediate switch between you. And the analyzer, there's this one switch in between.

So this wage does not care has no knowledge of the span source destination. It's only Thursday. There's our span is in our span VLAN. So let me send it of this particular trunk. That's it doesn't care about the source or destination, all knows is our span traffic. Let me send it up to the next switch.

This works on the other hand, does know the source and destination so you can send it to the analyzer. Okay, and same thing it is copied mirrored information to get sent to the analyzer so then you later on can take a look at Okay, so let's take a look at the first switch. There's a switch a. Alright, so j config, we create a VLAN 99. There's going to be remote span and then we exit the VLAN And then in global configuration go monitor session one, you see this already? source interface g one zero both ways. Monitor session one destination remote VLAN 99.

And you're saying, Well, what am I realize? This is not remote? Of course it is. If you created a VLAN it's remote, it's a different broadcast domain. Alright, so it doesn't matter is on the same V is if it's on the same storage, it's on the same switch was on a different VLAN. That means, you know, different broadcast domain therefore is remote.

Okay, so remote VLAN 99. That's a that's the switch on the bottom switch just above that. Just says, oh, nine. Oh, that's remote span. That's always concerned about it says, Hey, if I get traffic from guy nine, I know that's a remote fan. I just send it up that particular truck.

Okay. And the last one which is right next to no granulizer Also as I've been in 99, it's during most bad, but it knows the source, and destination, source and destination. And that's the difference between local span and remote span, local span, once which the source and destination is on one particular switch. Here we have it across switches or cross switches. That's all it is. But you can see the intermediate switch has not got 234 switches in between.

They don't care. All they care is what? Hey, we're running remote fan on that particular VLAN. That's it. Once I get to the switch that's right next to the analyzer, then we're gonna Iser, then I'll say okay, the sources his destination is this remote fan, okay, and then it gets that information, the copied the mirrored information that gets sent out because remember, this is a specific VLAN just a purpose. What's the sable matter?

Address learning, MAC address learning. All right. So that's really it for spam. Again, monitoring tools, monitoring tools, network monitoring tools, so you can see how traffic is flowing and what's going on. See in the next

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