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Cisco CCNP Switch (300-115): The Complete Course Introduction to securing a Switch
3 minutes
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All righty, we made it through the session. Okay, why don't we go over securing a switch, we know we need to secure our switches. And we found different ways of doing it. We've done for security over and over and over and over again. And every certification unit IE poor security, you're gonna see it in the CCNA. At least with me, you will, you're going to see in your CCNA security, you're going to see it now on the ccmp switch.

So a switch port security model, you don't want to using the sticky command and all that is a one of the things that you need to know how to do. All right, and you took my courses you would pour based authentication that is basically just using a triple A model with that one x, okay, or it'll to one x protocol. All right. So we'll go ahead and do it per interface. You know, you can do a range of interfaces, whatever, but you do a per interface basis, all right using radius. And then we have storm control, which is going to look at the broadcast frames, the unicast frames the multicast frames on solicita frames, and you're going to give it a threshold of packets per second, you're going to give a percentages of how much broadcast you can allow, you're gonna give a range for multicast, whatever.

So you give it a threshold and then you can Configure SNMP trap messages to alert you to what's going on. All right, but again, these two right here, this is something that's on the switch, regarding most basics of the switch will have this but these two guys right here port based on occasion, which you need triple a triple A model to do it radius to do it, but my show goes everybody has a regular radius, but you may not have enough Want to make sure you have the dot one for your licensing feature. And in store control. That's another feature that you need to make sure you have. And the best practices I say was the comedy section. Because it's funny, you know, Elliott is to me, we need we know, we need to secure our switches our ports, we know we need to create ACLs we know we need to deny certain port numbers, or create ACL to deny access to certain web interfaces, we know that we need to do this using secure SDP all these different things, okay, that we talked about in that particular lecture.

Yes, we know and there's a lot more things that I said in firewall GPOs, shut down the ports. What do you do with don't use for it? So now they're not on why I have them on. Alright. So but again, definitely you will see questions of all this stuff. All right.

You know, so as far as security is in this simple, simple, you may you may, I don't know you may have a actual lab. Don't know. All right, that because it's very simple to do. This is a little bit different. All right. That'll be probably more for CCNA.

Security. You probably see that for sure. And source control will probably be just multiple choice questions. Okay. But again, I know how to do your search for security, please. I and don't forget your best practices.

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