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And welcome to the Power over Ethernet lab. Okay, so we saw that there are three ways that you can power up a device use that injector or an AC adapter or the switch itself that Ashley is going to run. Pull the power from, okay, which is the most preferred method to do it now remember that your switch needs to be k capable of doing that most catalyst switches are as we said in the presentation. Now we have an IP phone here. Okay, an IP phone. Usually you have what's called an inline power, okay, and you plug it in and it gives power to the phone.

Why but we said that we want to see what happens if it's pulling power. What is it going to full power does already getting power. Are we going to see anything like that? Let's take a look. Let's just minimize the phone. Let's bring this up.

Alright, enable now this in the penetration is very basic show power inline. All right, you see those not pulling any power, even if it weren't for you all to config and what interface are we using here? Oh, we're not using any interface. Haha. All right, let's go ahead and connect it to an interface as your a oneness as forward in time, because we're like time travelers full time. All right.

So let's go back again. All right. So you see the change is things stay the same command again. Show power inline. AMC is not pulling any power from the switch because it's getting its own power. From the inline powerline adapter.

What would happen If I go to the phone and I remove, okay, okay. And I remove now the power from the phone. So you see one back to whatever it is fast forward in time. turn green again you will figure Hey, you should turn red it has no power, but it's pulling power now from you can see the fallacies that I want to say tool is pulling power from the switch. You got to show power in light and you can see that on port one. We are actually pulling 10 watts of power.

It's a switch to the switch the switch is allowing for that to the 3960 and it's on is a class three, class three The max that he can pull is 15.4. That's telling you right here. Okay? So the device that we're using is a 7960. Okay, it's telling you what it is already. And you see that instead of being off is now on.

Now you really, as far as configuring the port, I mean a real world scenario be completely different as far as you know, the amount of commands that you can do. Again, this is just showing you the very basics of power internet. You go to interface, F Zero slash one, and you go power in line. And then what you can do here is like, never apply inline power. So if I were to do that, that means it's not a lot of pool anything and they'll go back to zero, turn it off. So I just put it to auto, okay, w r. And you're going to see that really nothing changed.

They're still pulling the same way. power. So that's it. That's what that means that this switch is capable of powering a particular device, and you can see all the ports are enabled for that. So this type of switch is, is able to use for power reasoning. And you can see that out of 370 watts available, we've only used 10.

So we still have 360 watts remaining, when you plug it in, if it's more phones or whatever it is that you're going to use for the power reason. So just like we said in the presentation, you got to see the switch that you have normally like a Cisco catalyst switches, do you have the capability of running power reef in it? Well, yeah, it is the preferred method if you're going to do that, unless you're just going to put in that adapter to the back of the form is completely up to you how you want to do it, because there's Power over Ethernet just Want to show you at least the very basic commands on how it's going to pull in power from the switch and I use it. I'll see that

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