Summary of Section 3

3 minutes
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All right, well, we made it through, we made it through the lab. Now, as you can see in the lab, there was no commands that we can actually type that were on the book due to the iOS that we have, but you are understanding or you understood, I hope what a layer three switch is you saw that we're routing, all right, through different VLANs. Okay, because we're using, we have to turn on IP routing, then we put in the IP addresses the routing protocol, we in a particular VLANs and then we went ahead and we did on all three switches. So they're all three switches are running the same routing protocol. So they're now they're all talking to each other. We can do the same thing.

They're all show IP route. There was no need no router on a stick or sub interfaces or anything like that, because there was no need for that. Okay. The switch is doing all the work. Okay, on the layer three switches, doing all work for you. Alright, so layer two switch operations we know already what layer two switches do a layer two switches is just that they have a MAC address table.

Okay. They learn source addresses, the map destination addresses, and they don't know the destination address, then they float out of every port except the one they learned it on. Okay. The source MAC address on multi layer switches are layer three switches. Okay. The multi layer switch obviously is the one that has a lot more efficiency to it.

Okay, because it does a lot more things. All right when we talk about MLS we talked about or Yeah, multi layer switches MLS. We talked about a hierarchy. We talked about redundancies, we talked about a bunch of things okay. You need redundancy, you need redundancy. Be careful with spanning tree both address that later on.

And of course, but you need redundancy between these core distribution and even access switches in case something goes wrong. We will again we saw managing in the switching table lab. All right, how would we go about and looking at these things knowing for the age timeout, all right by default is 300 seconds, you can put it to higher or whatever it is that you want to do. Tables using in the switch lab, you just saw that we have the cam table which is your mac address table and the T cam and the T cam. Again, what does that you have? You have source IP addresses, destination IP addresses, you have all port numbers or the port name like UDP or TCP IP, it wasn't even in there.

Okay, you have the permit or deny if you have all this information Plus, if your access list uses a greater than or less than a range Okay, attribute at the end of the access list, I'll use that LRU register, okay? To put that information as you have one table literally, that it can look at and make a decision on where to send or what to do with this data. Okay, so a mouthful of information just gonna go over and over and over again, and practice with what you have to get the information. But as we go through the course, you'll still learn some commands. I'll show you certain commands in there, even though they may not be on the packet tracer or on GNS three, but we can always look at the commands, we'll see the outputs of the commands, I'll find them somehow. Okay, so you guys can go ahead and see it.

Okay, and I will explain it obviously. So you can go ahead and be able to know Okay, once I type this, this is the output. I should begin. That's it. I'll see you next time.

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