Summary of Section 8

3 minutes
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Welcome back, everyone. Now we're going to go over what we have done, right? We talked about the importance of the placement of the root bridge, it is extremely important, which switch you want to decide, or you decide that you want. Okay, as far as the root bridge, don't let just fancy pick willy nilly just because he has the lowest MAC address or the lowest priority number or really the lowest bridge ID which is comprised of those two numbers. I don't want to do that You decide. You decide who you want, okay, don't leave it up to luck, okay.

And also pick your secondary. Now that you know, you can do spanning tree you know, VLAN 110 20, like we did, and then route and then primary, and then you can then take the secondary across the same mean as we did on We didn't create the VLANs. Alright, but you saw that, you know, even if you created the VLANs, because there was nobody, there was actually part of a VLAN. So there was no real instance of VLANs going on. We didn't do any VTP or trunking, or anything like that. But know what, it's all these things come together, keep thinking of everything you've learned in the past.

So we change this fan tree mode, rapid p vs T. All right, we saw in the start that it says that it changed, it will look at the summary or we can look at the details of it. Or we can look at a particular interface and see what's going on in an interface. So spanning tree is very important because it will enhance your network. Now, opening fast and buy more files already set it in the lab. I'll say it again. Those are legacy protocols or commands, what have you that don't really ever knew SCP algorithms.

You Really don't have to worry too much about their main purpose is just to make conversions go faster. That's it. That's it. All right, so, but you see where we're using layer three switches, okay, layer three switches as basically the same. Now the layer three switches, layer two switches will support the same command primary or secondary. So layer three says, Well, the only difference that you saw on the layer three switches when we're doing trunking, is how you were to do the trunking.

First you need to tell it, they're going to use dot one Q, then you can go ahead and trunk If not, it won't do it. All right. So keep that in mind. But again, what we wanted to emphasize here is the placement of the rubric. I put it up on top as the core just to let you know that hey, this is the rubric. This is the king of kings.

Okay, that's the only reason I did it. I could have chosen any one of those switches, those switches are all the same. So but real world, you know what switch you want to be that central hub, as I explained in the lab, okay. Keep in mind the commands are just I'm telling you this right now keeping an eye on the commands of how to create a primary root bridge, a secondary root bridge, how to change spanning tree to any other mode spanning tree that's available. Right question mark that's available for you there. Okay.

Normally be rapid p vs T. Okay, and that's it. And then some monitoring commands, you know, show spanning tree summary shows, parents view detail, shows pregnancy, VLAN, whatever. So you can just take a look at those things. Okay. That's it. That's what they want you to know, in this particular section, of spanning tree, looking at that particular configuration.

I'll see in the next

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